Dogs feel the heat just like we do, and on those hot humid days it can be hard on them.  Using cooling vests for dogs or a dog cooling jacket is a great way to help your best friend get through a hot and humid summer.

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Evaporation - This cooling vest is designed with water absorbing polymer crystals.  You simply submerge the vest in cool water and it works.  It works by a really cool process of simple evaporation.  The heat from the dog is transferred to this jacket then to the air, basically duplicating us humans in how we sweat when we are hot.  It draws the heat away from his body.

Cool K-9 Evaporative Cooling Dog Reflective Safety Vest - Large

As you may know, dogs simply pant, but on those really hot days that may not be enough.  You could simply keep your dog indoors while you have all the fun on those walks and hikes, or you can use one of these dog cooling jackets and let him join in the fun.

Double Duty - One of the cool things about this jacket or vest is that it also can work in reverse.  Once it is completely dry, you don’t have to put it away until next summer, because if worn in the winter it will help to insulate your dog from the cold.  So, it basically has a double use, which is a good thing.

By submerging this vest in cool water for a few minutes, it will last for a few days with the evaporation process and will keep your dog cool.

Take Him With You - This will keep your dog going on those walks or hikes, or maybe you take your dog to the cottage or on those camping trips.  We all need to stay cool and hydrated, so don’t forget to bring water for Fido to drink as well, although they are quite happy with puddles and lake water!

The simple process of evaporation that these cooling vests use, works quite well especially on a large dog as pictured.  You can get them for any sized dog, you just need to know their measurements, but large dogs can overheat too!

Submerge for a Few Minutes - These dog cooling jackets do not dry out quickly, as once you have got it really wet it will stay wet inside for a good long time, keeping your dog cool and refreshed as it draws the heat away from your dog’s body.

Our dogs are part of the family, and they want to be involved in all that we do, so if you have been leaving Fido at home, simply because it seemed a bit too warm of a day for that walk or hike for him, then consider getting him a dog cooling jacket, even if he is a larger dog.  This way he will stay cool and be able to keep up with you!  Just don’t forget to bring water for both of you to stay hydrated.

You can even get portable water bottles for dogs now that attach to your belt or back pack, making it really easy to take your best friend with you on those walks, hikes or camping trips.

You can get these cooling vests for dogs or dog cooling jackets at most pet supply stores, and some camping supply stores, but you can also get good deals online at sites such as Amazon. Happy hiking!

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