There's no getting around it - divorce sucks. Big time. On top of the emotional stress of it all, there are additional stresses - the largest for me at least was adjusting to a single income household. 


Everyone's story is different though; the reasons it ended, whether children were involved, whether the divorce was uncontested or not, etc. But the running theme is one party is always hurt more than the other; most likely you're the one hurt more and that's why you're here!


You're single now and want to make a new, better life for yourself. Here are some tips that got me through my divorce and hopefully will help you!

1. Cry. Or whatever you do to mourn the ending of an era. People liken divorce to a death in the family and in a way it is. A relationship is gone and you will want to and NEED to grieve in order to move on. Give yourself time. Don't rush you're recovery or try to sugar-coat it.

2. You're going to beat yourself up. You'll feel responsible and wonder what's wrong with you. When you start to feel this way, remind yourself that both parties hold responsibility for your relationships failure. Of course, the amount of responsibility depends on the reason(s) for the divorce.

3. Remember that person before you were married? Try to get back there. If you had hobbies that you enjoyed before becoming a couple, give them a go again. 

4. Alone time. You'll probably do everything in your power to avoid being alone in the beginning but it is such a crucial part of recovering. Every time you're alone will get a little easier. Eventually, you'll actually enjoy being by yourself.

5. It's so important to not get yourself in a financial pickle. It's possible you'll go through a phase where you don't care anymore. A credit card payment is due? You have too much on your mind to even think about that. This is the biggest mistake you can make. For the sake of your future self, pay everything on time.

It's not easy. Divorce sucks but, just like you had a life before your marriage, there is life after your divorce!