The city of Copenhagen is both a cosmopolitan hub and a cultural center in Denmark, Northern Europe. Copenhagen is home to chic cafes and restaurants, as well as photogenic structures and landmarks—perhaps the most popular of all being the statue of The Little Mermaid, maintained by the city after the famous fairy tale by Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen.

Train travel from the international airport in Copenhagen to the Central Station or Hovedbanegården in the city centre takes only 15 minutes. You can then explore the city using the metro, bus, train, taxi, or by renting a car or—doing as the eco-friendly Danes do—bicycle.

West of Copenhagen's Central Station is Vesterbro, known as the city's quarter for the young and the hip. Vesterbro is home to the Istedhade, the district's main street (and infamously, its "sex street"). If you continue to stroll westward down Istenhade, you will find bohemian cafes and bars, vintage clothing shops, and stores selling antique wares.

Østerbro, Copenhagen's poshest district, is located north of the city centre. Have a firsthand experience of the good life, Danish style with Østerbro's designer boutiques, cafes, delis, and restaurants. This high-class district boasts of lush tress and a lovely view of the Sortedams Lake and the Potato Rows, an enclave of quaint houses built during the late 1800s.

Definitely a hot spot in Copenhagen is the Nørrebro area, the cultural center of the city. Head over to Sankt Hans Torv to visit Copenhagen's trendiest cafes and dance clubs. Don't forget to stop by the Assistens kirkegården, a cemetery where famous Danes are buried, such as Hans Christian Andersen and Soeren Kirkegaard.

The theatre district of Copenhagen is found in Frederiksberg, an independent municipality situated within the city. The tree-lined Frederiksberg Allé or Frederiksberg Avenue has two theatres for live performances. The Frederiksberg Gave or Frederiksberg Gardens houses a vast baroque park in the French style, as well as a kind of mini-zoo with its swans, peacocks, and elephants.

Among the landmarks in Copenhagen that visitors should not miss are the Amalienborg Palace, the residence of the Danish Royal Couple during the winter season; The National Gallery of Denmark, home of paintings and sculptures dating back to the 15th century; and, the Kronborg Castle, the renaissance castle made famous by William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Other smart additions to your itinerary in Copenhagen are the Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park perfect for kids and the young at heart; the National Museum of Copenhagen, which houses prized archeological finds, the Round Tower, which has a breathtaking view of Copenhagen; and, the Louisiana, a museum containing the best of Danish modern art.

Whether you're traveling on a budget with friends or living the high life as a newlywed, Copenhagen offers an ideal European escape. There is an abundance of sports and activities, as well as activities and events that can satisfy travelers of all types. It is a city where past and present converge in celebration of a warm people, a rich culture and history, and good living