The time when you walked down the aisle, looking beautiful in the perfect white dress and said "I do" accompanied with a list of heart lifting vows, you didn't realize that there will come a time when you will be called a 'single mother' from 'the cutest couple'. It might be the worst nightmare of a female's life as no one plans on getting married with the intention of becoming a single mother.

Having a baby is a life changing experience for a woman and it can become even more challenging if you are a single mother. However, it may take you to a surprise that some women may choose to assign this tag to their names by will while others might have to accept it as they have no other option.

A single mother by choice is a woman who decides to have or adopt a child knowing that she will be the only parent to the child. Typically these include the career-oriented women who are in their thirties or forties. These are the women who think they could no longer wait for marriage before starting a family. Sometimes these women claim that they didn't find the right guy and therefore, they took a start by themselves. These are the women who believe they can maintain a balance between work and home all alone.
On the contrary, most of the women prefer to bring a child into the world with both parents. However, many unfortunate kids may not get a chance to avail this joy as, either before or sometimes after they came into existence, they may have lost the love of one of the parent. It takes a lifetime to find the right guy and it may take just a few days to decide you want a divorce or separation.

A woman might end up being a single mom because maybe her husband cheated on her or maybe the husband got into some accident and didn't make through it. Either way, it is a tragedy which leaves the mother single, who has to struggle with a handful of bills and other expenses all on her own. Being a mother is not easy in itself and above that, being a single mother makes it a whole lot more difficult.

The single mother has to meet obligations of both a mother and a father. She is the primary caretaker of the child on one side and on the flipside she is the breadwinner. With so many responsibilities on her shoulders, she hardly gets time for herself. Also it is not easy for your child to face this fact. While you are busy providing your kids with their necessities, you have almost forgotten to give them the attention they want.
Single parents' children are mostly shy and less confident as compared to other kids. They feel insecure not just during their childhood, but also when they grow up. If you are one of the mothers who didn't choose to be a single mother by choice, then you should try to step up and move on with your life as this may put you through ease and comfort your kids. At first your kids might not accept the fact of a step father, but later they will adjust when they understand how important this head of the family is for them and you.