Golden disc.
Credit: Ryan Somma (cc)

It's a rare day when Indigo and Crystal children feel “at home” on the planet, the kind of rare day that doesn't rear its lovely head much in the currently chaotic state of things. Coping with heavy vibrations is typically an hourly battle for sensitives, but it doesn't have to be as tedious or exhausting as it is when starseeds attempt to do everything on their own. Auras are powerful spiritual skins. Ensuring you don't shut down you're lightbodies with thoughts of hopelessness is imperative if you're to successfully overcome the onslaught of the mind-bogglingly low vibrations currently in the ethers. It's not so much esoteric as it is basic survival for individuals who are intrinsically connected to higher vibrating consciousness.

Give your lightbodies a break. Forcing your chi to form a wall to “keep everything out” depletes the necessary energy you require for day to day living. As odd as it may sound, focusing on those measures which open your aura up are far more protective. Solfeggio energies, like color and crystal work, do just that and help you to allow the good in.


What Are Those?

Solfeggio frequencies are said to have been used in Ancient chants. They were believed to be all but lost when Dr. Joseph Puleo uncovered them. There are at least 6 officially recognized Solfeggio frequencies, but quite a few others exist beyond the main six that do have noticeable effects on the chakras within minutes of listening to them.


Know Which Frequencies Are Which

The Solfeggio spectrum ranges from base chakra frequencies on up to the vibration of the crown chakra. There are tons on youtube to enjoy, and if you have the means, support the high crowns that provide them by purchasing an .mp3 or two for longer play. Also, listen with headphones wherever possible.

When deciding which frequencies to work with, it helps to identify what you may be missing. The following list describes each frequency and what its vibrational zone covers:

396 Hz is a frequency that liberates listeners from guilt and fear energies.

417 Hz is worked with to faciliate change and undo unwanted situations

528 Hz is the frequency associated with Transformation and Miracles as well as the repair of DNA

639 Hz is a connecting frequency that affects relationships

741 Hz Awakens the intuitive functions

852 Hz is said to be a frequency of spiritual order


In a Nutshell, “Tune Into Flow; Tune Out Auric Pollution”

Times are very strained. It's not your imagination, but you don't have to be locked into the chaos or take in a neverending stream of it (that's unhealthy). It helps no one if the auras of sensitives that are here to raise vibrations are polluted behind coherence and barely making it through the day. The best energy management is smart energy management. Don't shovel tons of energy into shields. Be gentle with your resources and relax. Relaxing is half of the battle. The world will not be like this forever. A major reason times are so difficult is because the old regimes of corruption are fighting the fact that their time is up.

Despite illusion (the mainstream machine controls the media the majority of us see) there is a lot of good taking place and a lot of hopeful stories that aren't deemed newsworthy. Despair is an illusion that's fueled by every story steeped in war, concepts of limitation and hopelessness, and the like that are peddled to us daily. Choose to focus on the solutions, and give them your faith. Know that the positive always rebuilds what the corrupt-negative partially or fully destroys. You are not powerless.

When insanely low-vibrating energies get you down, fight back by letting in more light to disperse them. Corruption fades in the light of higher vibration. Two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Indigo and Crystal Children have a job to do on this plane of existence. I'm quite sure everyone knew it wouldn't be “cake” before they signed on. Employing coping skills is a part of the job. You have to take care of you just as much as you yearn to care for others.


Salutes and Namaste, High-vibrating Crowns