Being a parent of two teenage children, I didn't think I'd find myself with newborn 13 years later, things changed a lot since my youngest was born, but having a baby can be one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences. Leaving hospital and coming home may seem daunting, but the one thing I can give as advice is get yourself into some sort of routine as soon as you can, and to rest up, the dishes can wait! your recovery and wellbeing is far more important than a show home, try to take naps when baby sleeps, take time out to soak in the bath in the evening to help unwind, try not to do it all by yourself, and try to get out once a day even a walk to the local store will do you good, and get you some exercise, you could also try joining a local support group for mother with babies try looking them up on the internet, I used to enjoy going to my local centre, and met some new friends in the process. Routine as previously said is a must, have everything baby needs close to hand, a layette box is great to keep nappies, wipes etc handy, feed and bath baby each evening to help your little one to wind down, soon enough he/she will know when it's sleep time. Adjusting to parenthood can be difficult for both parents, although the couple take on the roles very differently, the lack of sleep and quality time together can prove to be stressful so it's important to make time for each other. try to strike balance, sharing the household chores, cooking etc. so you can both de-stress even for just a short time, try to be a couple and not just parents get someone to babysit and have a night out or just chill out at home for the evening, it's so easy to get caught up in the newborn you forget to give time to yourself. Never be afraid to ask for help, a grandparent, friend when your feeling things are proving tough it's far to easy to be the 'perfect' parent, have the 'perfect' house they will be willing to help, hope some of this helps, I stuck to routine and now I'm one of the lucky mothers who gets the evening to myself, she still wakes during the night for her nightly feed, but I can cope and feel human!