Helpful Solutions to Coping with Depression after Losing Your Job

Starting over in your career is not something that most people want to do. Unforseen occurences can lead to being laid off work and becoming part of the large number of people who are unemployed.

After losing a job it can result in tremendous stress and heartache on the family. Not having a job can affect your self-esteem and confidence. Remember you are not worthless or useless just because you are unable to find work.

No matter how hard you try you may find that companies are not hiring. Businesses do not have a big enough hiring budget to add new employees to the payroll. In this type of situation it does not matter how qualified you are to do the job or how much experience you have in the industry.

Rebuild your confidence level

What matters at this point is that you keep your confidence level up because if you allow yourself to fall into despair and depression it can lead to a longer job recovery time. You are not to blame for the current economic crisis that the country is facing, but you do have to bear the brunt of the fall out and debris.

Counselors will suggest that you look for something bigger than you to keep you grounded and moving forward. Count your blessings and keep busy. Look at what you can do and how you can give to those in your community.

Restore your faith in the economy

You will probably go through a range of emotions, from feeling hurt, anxious, anger and hopelessness. These types of feelings are normal and allow yourself to feel the pain, but once you do it is time to regroup and focus on where you can fit into the current economic landscape.

Not all industries are doing bad, some are actually booming now and it is important to find those companies to send your résumé to. I usually recommend that people look at the stock market because it is easy to see what businesses and start-ups are seeing job growth and expansion.

Upgrade your Skills

One of the best ways to recover from your situation is to put your mind on something positive. Go back to school, enroll in some classes and update your job skills. Learn a new trade or improve on the one your already in.

Education is an investment that pays off big later on down the road. You may want to learn a new language, learn some computer skills, attend leadership and management workshops. The idea is to try your best to become a better person, mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. 

Get Balance at Home

Our work lives can sometimes take away precious quality time away from our family, now that you unemployed look for ways to keep balance in your home life after you start working again. Ask your family for help, find out what they think is the best options for you at this point. Look to the community and find those who can give you the support you need while you transition from working to being unemployed.

It is time to set a new purpose and a new course of action in your life. If you find yourself alone, empty and feeling depressed, seek help and get counseling to help you through this phase. Things will get better but it will be a hard road full of stumbling blocks along the way. Gaining a new perspective and realizing what is important in your life will help you through being laid off your job.