Fosomax Side Effects (28909)

Coping with Fosomax Side Effects - What Patients and Their Families Need to Know

Fosomax is a powerful drug used to treat osteoporosis. Although it has been shown to be relatively safe in clinical studies that surveyed its use in 8,000 post-menopausal women, no drug compound is entirely without risks, and patients taking fosomax need to be full informed about its safety profile, possible side effects, and how to best manage them.

Warning Signs of Fosomax Side Effects

All of the following possible fosomax side effects need to be taken very seriously : in almost every case an immediate trip to the hospital will be necessary.

-Severe skin reactions, similar to allergic reactions, which may include chest tightness, difficulty breathing, itching, skin abnormalities similar to hives, or swelling of the mouth.

-Heartburn which develops soon after taking fosomax in patients that do not have a history of heart burn

-Blood: coughing up blood, blood in stools, or vomiting blood

-Unusual and intense joint pain

-Unusual and severe stomach or throat pain.

Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list as some patients suffering from fosomax side effects will have varying reactions due to their unique state of health and other medications they are currently taking. If you experience any of the above averse reactions, consult your health care provider immediately and inform your friends or family of your condition so they can be prepared to render immediate assistance should it become necessary.

Fosomax Side Effects - Frequency of Occurrence

The following fosomax side effects are listed in order of frequency of occurrence in the general population of patients taking fosomax to treat osteoporosis.

Most Common Fosomax Side Effects in Patients Taking 1 Weekly Dose of 70mg Fosomax:

-Abdominal pain (occurring in roughly 3.7% of the population)

-Dyspepsia (Sour stomach or digestive discomfort - occurring in 2.7% of patients)

-Acid reflux (An intensive heartburn-like disorder which can become dangerous - 1.9%)

-Nausea (Occurring in roughly 1.9% of the population)

-Constipation (Occurring in roughly 0.8% of the population)

Most Common Fosomax Side Effects in Patients Taking 10mg of Fosomax Daily:

The fosomax side effects affecting patients who take daily fosomax doses occur with the same general frequency, but in differing percentages.

-Abdominal pain (3%)

-Dyspepsia (2.2%)

-Acid reflux (2.4%)

-Nausea (2.4%)

-Constipation (1.6%)

Successfully Managing Fosomax Side Effects

Successfully managing fosomax side effects depends upon being prepared and informed. Patients and their families should familiarize themselves with the drug profile of fosomax and learn which medications and common compounds have a potential to interact with fosomax.

This aspect of treatment is very important and serious, yet commonly overlooked. By way of example, ranitidine, a common drug found in many over the counter treatments for heartburn and acid reflux, increases the potency and bioavailability of fosomax.

This means that, although a very small percentage of a given fosomax dose is actually usable to the body (the rest is excreted and destroyed by normal body processes before it can go to work) a person taking any of the common heartburn medications that contain ranitidine would actually be receiving slightly higher doses of fosomax.

As this example illustrates, it's essential that you tell your doctor about every medication you are currently taking, including those you may take infrequently.

If you are concerned about long term fosomax side effects, you should be aware that fosomax accumulates in the body over time and has a long "half-life", or period of efficacy. This means that, a person taking fosomax for an extended period of time, will actually have the drug accumulating in their bodies throughout the course of their treatment. This can be beneficial in the sense that fosomax's bone preserving properties can continue perpetually, but doctors are still trying to fully understand the implications of long term fosomax side effects and what it means for patients with osteoporosis.

Keep in mind that whether or not you're taking fosomax, it's important that you receive enough vitamin D and calcium in your diet, or via supplementation, to ensure proper bone health.

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