Coping with homesickness is problem that many college students become faced with. This doesn't necessarily affect all students, but it can be a common problem, especially among Freshman. This is because students are suddenly separated from family and friends, on top of living in a new location and possibly new culture. Changes in life this extreme can also cause a great deal of stress and uproot the sense of security a student once had.

College Life

Homesickness can be brought on by a number of factors. One of these is trying to struggle with a long distant relationship. To help cope with homesickness, keep long distance relationships open by keeping effective communication with the person. Grow together and learn from new experiences. Be sure to share these experiences with each other through open means of communication. It can be difficult to keep these types of relationships from growing distant. However, if both people are totally committed to each other, it is possible to be successful and keeping the relationship active and alive.

Students need to manage their stress. Stress can bring on negative feelings, causing a student to miss home even more. If a student is working and going to school, he should learn to balance his time with work, school and family and friends. Stay prepared for test and complete task on time. Yoga and journaling are excellent for reducing stress. If needed, there are counselors available for college students who feel they need to talk to someone.

Students need to mingle and open up to their new life. This includes limiting trips home, which can just make homesickness worst. Avoid eating alone and make new friends. For students that find it difficult to meet new people, join a club or organization. It doesn't have to be a frat or sorority. There are plenty of other charities and nonprofitable organizations that can benefit from help, as well as help a student meet friends. This can be a great way for shy people to make new friends.

Look at the positive aspects of this new experience, rather than the negatives. This is a time to have new adventures and be open to change. Keeping the door shut to these new adventures only limits students abilities and makes being homesick worst. It's time to more ahead and start living life. If a relationship doesn't work out, focus on the benefits of not being in a relationship. There is more time to focus on school, work, family and friends. More time to spend alone, doing hobbies and reaching goals. Plus this opens new windows for new relationships that will be built over time.

Homesickness can hit immediately, weeks or even months into moving. Get involve before homesickness can take its toll. Be patient to the new changes, as it will take some getting used to, but it will happen. Again, avoid being tempted to travel home, but feel free to call or write family and friends to talk about new experiences. Having support from old friends and making new friends is a great cure for homesickness.