Break-ups in relationships have always been considered by many as very draining, both emotionally and physically. This is the certain point wherein everything stops for a while until the reality of the break-up sinks in.  This is the case especially among those who came from long and serious relationships. There is pain - and despite how pain differs from one degree to another, still it is pain. It is part of the healing process.

People have different strokes in dealing with heartbrokenness and the art of moving on. They say that falling in love is not for the faint-hearted; that relationships are investments wherein one takes the risk of being into. If it got broken, one has to deal with it no matter. So, how does one can effectively cope-up with relationship breakups and eventually move on?

1. Acceptance. One has to accept that the relationship is over even how hard it is. Fresh from a break-up, a part of us is still hoping that there is a chance to rekindle what was broken. Some of us still long that our ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend will still find their way back to us. Save yourself from pity. Accept what was lost and give yourself time to heal.

2. It is all right to “mourn.” They say there is this so-called “mourning stage” after a break-up. It is fine to cry and pour your heart out. You’ve lost something special; hence, there is nothing wrong to let those tears come out. It is part of the healing process. Cry for two days or a week – after that, get yourself back. It is time to take care of you.

3. Rekindle old hobbies.  Try to get back your old self and hit the road again. Sometimes, when in a relationship, one has the tendency to forget his/her own interests and hobbies because most of his/her attention is already to the partner. Now, that he/she is gone – why not try rekindling your passion to sports, or maybe travelling. One can also pursue his/her dreams that were put into hold for a while such as earning a Master’s Degree or a Ph. D. perhaps. Try something that can keep you busy and productive.

4. Spend more time with your loved ones. Family and friends are the best refuge and shock absorbers. Spending more time with them can help the healing process easier. If you need to pour your heart out to them, you can do. We need someone to listen with our woes and heartaches. This has been proven therapeutic among those who are mending broken hearts.

5. Meditation. Relationship break-ups can sometimes be a good venue for us to find ourselves and find that new balance. It is helpful to concentrate in oneself even just for a few minutes daily. Close your eyes and think of nothing other than your breathing. Aside from the fact that this is relaxing, this can also serve as introspection for someone who is at his/her “dark moments.”

One also has to believe that time heals. First few months after the break-up are overwhelming and heart-wrenching; after which, everything will become a blur and you will be surprise that a new you has become – someone who is stronger and wiser.