Stressed out motherToday many stay at home mothers are trying to figure out ways to cope with stress. Managing the home, the children, your sanity and many more things can be challenging. With all the daily activities needing to be done how can one get through each day with limited stress? Here are some tips to help stay at home mothers lessen the stress that comes with such a rewarding yet challenging job.

Balance Your Time

There are so many things to do sometimes that we forget we can’t do them all in one day. As a stay at home mother, activities of whatever kind must be prioritized. Starting a day with no agenda can easily lead to chaos. The saying “take it one day at a time” has a lot of value. Instead of trying to accomplish a thousand things in one day, make a list of a few things you know you can reasonably accomplish for that day and leave the other things for another day. Always set aside quality time for your children. Never allow yourself to be consumed with getting things done to where you forget to spend time with your little ones.

Take Time for Yourself

With the list of “things to do”, the time and energy it takes to do it, you can easily forget about a very important person-yourself. As they say, a mother’s job never ends, this is especially true when you have more than one child (not to mention a husband who at times may be classified as a child). Despite the hefty load, stay at home mothers need to set aside special time for themselves. Even if it’s only 30 minutes out of your day, you need that time to yourself to unwind and relax. Use that time to do something you enjoy or to just simply kick back and put your feet up. Doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as it’s not work, make time to relax so that you don’t get overwhelmed and over stressed.

Accept Help

Allow others that you can trust to help you and your family. Sometimes as stay at home mothers with multiple children, we may tend to think asking for or accepting help makes us a burden to others. Or we may just feel uncomfortable asking for assistance from others period. Getting over these fears can bring much needed relief especially if you have reached a point of feeling overwhelmed. Having a person and or family that agree to keep your children or help around the house when needed can be such a big help. It beats carrying the load alone.

It’s Okay to Laugh

Laughter not only makes you feel good but it also relieves stress. So learn to laugh, laugh at yourself. Being a stay at home mother, everyday seems to have a surprise. The things children do and say can bring you joy and a chuckle or two.