As you may well know there are many people around the world that are suffering from arthritis. The thing is that a lot of people don't know that there is a lot they can do to treat it. There are many special ways that you can begin to treat your arthritis, how ever many of them are a scam and a lot of them can leave you out of pocket. If you are looking for a great, safe and inexpensive solution then a copper bracelet might be what you should be looking at. A copper bracelet works on the magnetic therapy theory, which is coming more and more popular as time goes by, and has only recently been recognized in western medicine as a viable treatment option. The great thing about a copper bracelet is that you can achieve safe treatment, and relieve a lot of your pain, for quite a low price. Magnetic therapy works by using negative magnets. It enables the circulation to increase to the problem areas. Which means the joint that are damaged or that are in pain are getting a lot more blood and nutrients to them. This means that the healing can begin, and the inflammation can be treated. By getting more blood there, you are treating the area, and you will notice a pain reduction. You know that arthritis in the hands and wrists is extremely painful and debilitating. You lose a lot of dexterity and it is really hard to complete all the things you used to do without being in enormous pain. A copper bracelet is a good option here as it is very close to the pain, and it will be more effective in treating it. Copper bracelets are great because not only are they safe, which cannot be said for a lot of pain medicines that can ruin the lining of your stomach, but they are also inexpensive and will last a long time. This is very different to many of the ongoing costs you may have that are associated to treating the pain of your arthritis. The other great thing is that you will be able to find a magnetic copper bracelet with your name on it! They come in many shapes and styles and now look like normal bracelets and you can find one that you are able to wear all day if you want, or one that can match the image that you are looking for. You have nothing to lose by trying magnetic therapy because there are no side effects. If you are pregnant or you use a pacemaker then you may have some complications, other than that you can use it freely and enjoy the reduction of pain in your life.