If nothing else, the economic downturn in 2009 has taught us one thing and that is, it's good to stay home. That means you need a home which looks elegant, stylish and is also comfortable. As people's finances improve, they are looking at new decorating ideas. The more novel the idea, the better it is for them.

Copper topped tables create a visual impact in your room which is hard to match. The metallic glints from the table top add allure to your room; and if you have a table which has an antique finish, it could be quite the conversation piece.

The hammered copper tops are also in great demand of late for its finish and art. Metallic finishes in gold and silver, that is matte or shiny, have been in vogue for some time, mainly because the contemporary décor is all the rage.

So what are people looking at? Chunky sofas or tapered chairs? Yet again, are you considering the sleek leathery delights with the u -shaped silver legs? And what about the tables topped with the sheen of copper, bringing the mysticism of the ancient Aztecs into your living room?

There are some stores – both online and brick and mortar - where you can pick up some lovely pieces. There are some good deals online which you could take advantage of.

Here are some well know names offering this line of furniture. Hooker's Furniture's Copper Key dining set which gives you hammered copper tabletops with hardwood frames with a black finish.

Another well known brand where you can pick up some select items is Copper Instincts. The rectangular Patricia dining table has a hand forged solid iron base with antique copper finish. This goes well with the hand hammered recycled copper top.

Copper Instincts also has standalone tables for the living room as well as round dining tables. You can choose the size you want, as Patricia tables come in customized sizes.

Good living room furniture along with Lodge or Southwestern furnishings really looks elegant. You need to add something different like Broyhill Furniture's Copper Creek rectangular cocktail table with hammered copper top; the surface has a patina which gives it a really classy look.

You could also look out for copper topped table which are hand hammered by craftsmen using the traditional methods. These tables have the dimpled surface effect which comes with a MDF base.

In most of tables, the tops are dovetailed; this means the copper is cut by hand and the two pieces are interlocked and then welded together for a better finish.

The copper top is then fired for the patina effect, after which the copper tops are lightly oiled and polished for the antique finish. Once the blacksmith has crafted the base it is left out to rust slightly. It is then lightly varnished to get the patina look.

Take care of the copper topped table, if you want it to last. Just a few simple rules will make them look good for a long time. Don't put hot plates on it without a place mat or a trivet. Remember to use coasters for your glasses.