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Content writers derive a lot of benefits from their efforts. It is a good job. There are traditional types of jobs for copywriters. These usually pay a much higher salary than average. According to "Advertising Age", the average salary in the USA is about $60,000 per year, including bonuses. In time, the salary should also increase to account for inflation. The Bureau of Labor Statistis lists the salary at about $57,000 per year, lower but still quite good.

As a writer, there is more job flexibility than with many other positions. Often there are no set hours because the goal is to produce good work. Employers realize that the process demands creativity so they afford more freedom to such workers. This allows an improved work life balance for those who work at this position. Such flexibility is not often possible for other traditional jobs such as restaurant, bank and other workers. As well, choosing particular work days is another plus.

Working from home as a writer also offers benefits. A great work place environment can be established. Many work with advertising agencies which are ranked among the best type of employers. There are often many creative people in the organization. This allows a healthy exchange of ideas with co-workers. The energy level with such firms is also very high. This helps to boost interest, and creativity as well. Often such positions favor a balance between work from home and work in the office setting. Even at the office, workers are usually organized into smaller project teams.

Writing good content can be very challenging, and demanding. The work should never be boring. Positions with advertising agencies often involve work for many different clients. This helps to make every day different. Variety such as this is great as it also tends to reduce boredom. There is also a creativity dynamic that can arise when working with different clients.

Writing offers tremendous benefits to those who apply themselves to the practice. The money is quite good, better than average wages. Those who have success can establish themselves as masters who can demand even higher pay rates. The workplace environment will be exciting, helping to boost creativity. The ability to work at a job that never becomes boring is a major advantage.

Specific assignments for writers include a wide variety of outlets. Many companies hire such individuals to produce regular blog posts. These are small articles that espouse the benefits of the client organization. Such blog work often involves a great deal of research. Although this does take more time, often the research can be used for several related blog posts. The first would be rather slow to develop but the rest could follow quite quickly. Such an approach is appreciated by clients. It could then be their choice to release all the posts at once or to release one each day or so.

More Work Avenues

Another avenue is to create longer articles. These also involve quite a lot of research. Because the end result is a single piece of content, the time allowed to develop a comprehensive article is longer. This is vital as a quality job should be the overarching goal. If an article is the goal, be sure to agree to a particular word length, (800 to 1000, or more), and the time available for the work. It is also good to know whether any images for the article are the responsibility of the writer or if they will be provided. If possible, provided images should be available to the writer in advance so that the article can be crafted to fit the images.

Video voice over work is another type of writing. This can be developed as a script that a voice actor would read and record later. The content creator may also be the voice actor or there may be another person involved. Script writing is very similar to blog post writing. The research is performed and the content is created. There could be a theme provided by the client. Putting it all together is where the creative process shines.

Writers who work from home exclusively may become self employed workers. They create content that they sell in pieces to clients. This work approach requires more flexibility, patience, and persistance. Web sites such as Fiverr and Elance can be good for picking up clients. At first, the self employed writer may find that their time is not well rewarded, monetarily. As a group of clients is accumulated, this changes and the writer can be well compensated. Gaining maximum flexibility is assured with this approach as well.


Writers may choose to enter the world of publishing. Developed content can be crafted into an ebook and self published. There are avenues available such as Apple iTunes, Amazon Kindle, and other platforms. Smashwords is a publishing distribution service that submits completed works to various similar sales outlets. Be sure to check the process for self publishing.

Ebook Creation
If the goal is to create ebooks, the research component is obviously going to take much more time. Depending on the overall topic, this could involve many hours of web searching, location visiting, interviewing, and other information gathering processes. The actual writing work may be quite regular if good research has been performed. The main consideration will be the overall length of the ebook.

Ebook Length

The length of an ebook is usually dictated by the selling price. These are often given away for free as well. While free ebooks can be virtually any length, others should provide good value for the asking price. In many cases, an ebook can retail for as low as 99 cents. Such an example can be quite short. 20 to 30 pages should be the minimum. Luckily this could include images which help to bolster the page count. Those selling for higher amounts should be longer. While there is no established guideline, those that are selling for more than $4 should have upwards of 200 pages.