Established in the year 1936, the Jim Corbett National Park enjoys the title of the oldest national park in India. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, this park serves as the habitat for the Royal Bengal Tigers. In addition to the majestic cats, this national park conserves various other fascinating fauna and flora species.

This vivid wilderness of the park has made it one of the most adored destinations for wildlife lovers. It’s a lifetime experience to discover the beautiful wildlife of the Jim Corbett National Park and the best way to do is through various safaris. Following are three types of safaris that a tourist can enjoy during his/her visit to the Corbett Park.

Jeep Safari

No tourist is allowed to take private conveyance in the parks' periphery for safety reasons.  After registering at Ramnagar office, the jeeps can be availed from Jhirana, Bijrani and Durgadevi gates. Jeep safari is a safe way of wandering amidst the mesmerizing fauna and flora at the park. The safari covers almost every nook and corner of the park. Trained nature guides accompany the tourists during the entire safari. These guides bring the travelers close to the nature by providing minute details of the park and its inhabitants. Further, one common instruction for every tourist is that driving off track is dangerous and thus prohibited.

Elephant Safari

Elephants can take the tourist to the places where jeep can’t reach. They don’t make noise and thus allow the visitors to get closer to the wildlife residing in the national park. Further, open air Elephant safari is the best option for the bird lovers to capture some memorable moments. Tourists can enjoy two types of elephant expeditions. The one is done at the tourist zone and the other at the buffer zone. In both the safaris the visitors cross the uneven trail of the dense forests, small valleys and vast grasslands. It is completing the call of the tourist that which type of safari he/she wishes to avail.

Canter Safari

Canter safari is best for those tourists who did not get accommodation in the Forest Rest House. Tourists can make the booking at the Ramnagar office and the canter will pick them from the same place. This safari is better known as Ramnagar conduct tour, as both the starting and ending point of the expedition is Ramnagar. This safari is conducted twice a day – from early morning to afternoon and from afternoon to sunset. It is recommended that if tourists are coming in a large group, then they must make a prior reservation as the seats of the canter are limited.

Adventure seekers would love to enjoy the Corbett safaris. Further, these safari options are nothing less than a paradise for wildlife photographers, as they get the opportunity to capture the most magnificent creatures in their camera. Thus, Corbett safari is a lifetime wildlife adventure that is worth experiencing.