A quality holster for your cordless drill is as essential as the drill itself. Cordless drills are handy tools-they are mobile and are always-on-the-go. Basic carpenter pants or work pants simply cannot support the bulk weight of a drill. In such cases-especially if you find yourself doing handyman work most of the time-a cordless drill holster is a sound investment.

A good quality holster is not tough to find. Most tool stores and outlets carry drill holsters and most of these holsters are made by the same drill brands themselves. While getting a same-brand holster as your drill can be advantageous, this option may not always be available. The good thing is, there are also specialty brands that make and specialize on universal drill holsters-most of them having bonus features and useful functions.

Cordless Drill HolsterFor such a simple gadget, a drill holster can have many optional and useful functions and features. These include outside pockets which can be used to house drill bits and other smaller tools. This feature alone can save you time and keep you organized by eliminating the need for bulky toolboxes for relatively smaller jobs. Another feature common to drill holsters is right-hand and left-hand orientation. Obviously in this case, a right-handed worker should have the holster on his right hand, slightly-angled towards his hand. For left-handed workers, the opposite applies.

Other secondary features include garment material, lock orientation, how the holster attaches to clothing (e.g. belt strap), and lastly, color and design.

A quality drill holster should not set you off more than $20. If you set a budget of anywhere around $12-18, you will surely find something that will serve you for long. This kind of purchase is obviously (and should be) a one-time investment. It would be wise to do it right the first time. Do not cheap out too much as this could lead to a double purchase. Make sure to find one of respectable quality from a known brand, and you are good to go.

In the world of drill holsters, below are some brands that make products deemed excellent by handymen all over the world.

  • Bucket Boss
  • DeWalt
  • Custom LeatherCraft
  • Grizzly
  • Black Rhino
  • Occidental Leather