During the fall, your gardens and lawns are quickly going to get full of leaves. A good way to quickly and easily move these leaves off your lawn is with the use of a cordless leaf blower. This fantastic piece of garden equipment is becoming more and more popular each year and because of this there are lots and lots of different leaf blowers out there in the marketplace today. Let's take a quick look at just three models that are out there to buy in the shops.

Cordless Leaf BlowerThe first one that we are going to look at is the 18 Volt Earthwise CB20018 Cordless Blower. This model runs off a 18 volt Ni cad battery which gives you an impressive speed of 140 mph. It has a snap on 20 inch tube, a one speed on & off switch and rubber over moulded handles for extra comfort when in use. This blower is ideal for small jobs around the garden and driveways and will quickly and easily blow away all those unwanted fallen leaves and debris.

I wouldn't recommend this model of cordless leaf blower for big jobs though, you need something a bit more heavy duty. For starters you will need a model with a bigger battery 24 volts at least. If you are looking for more speed and more power then you will need to get a gas or electric powered blower. These will give you operating speeds of 160 mph plus and will blow away almost everything that you need them to.

The second one that we are going to take a closer look at is the Black & Decker NS118 18 Volt Blower. Again this is another 18 volt battery powered blower, that runs off a rechargeable NiCd battery. It is ergonomically designed to not only look fantastic to the eye, but to make those jobs around the garden a piece of cake. It is a lightweight blower weighing in at only 5 pounds and the dimensions are 12.4 inches by 8.2 inches by 21.4 inches. When you buy this model you will get the sweeper, 18 volt battery and wall mountable battery charger and the straight tube. So if you are looking to clear that unwanted debris off your driveways, decks, patios, steps and garage floors then this is going to be the ideal model for you.

The third and final cordless leaf blower that we are going to look at is the WORX Air WG541 cordless blower. This model has been designed especially for comfort with its comfortable and natural grip position. It has a blast speed of 120 mph which makes this model ideal for all those hard surface jobs around the outside area of your home. This model comes with a full 2 year warranty, weighs a lightweight 4.8 pounds and comes complete with the cordless blower, charger, battery pack, and a wall mount rack so that you can quickly and easily store away the blower when not in use.