Cordless Cellular Window Shades

Many families like the idea of cordless window shades for safety reasons, especially if they have small children and or pets. Children have been known to choke to death by strangulation on window cords. I have never heard of a pet dying this way, but they probably could or have. Many times pets  chew or pull on window shade cords, which will surely damage the shades or destroy them. Whatever the safety reasons are they are legitimate ones, so if you have kids or pets cordless window shades may be the best choice of window shades for your home.

Cordless window shades can also give windows a more attractive appearance minus the long dangling cord that inevitably gets tangled one way or another. For example, when you open the window to enjoy a fresh breeze it feels great, but then that breeze blows the window cords and the result is tangles.

You operate cordless window shades by pulling down and pushing up at the bottom of the shade. With this in mind you want to be sure that you can reach as low or as high as needed to adjust them. Cordless window blinds typically function by a standard spring loaded mechanism.

Other options for a cordless window shade are the wand twist lift, which is very popular. The continuous cord loop that operates similar to a pulley and motorized window blinds for super easy control.

Cordless Window Shades Home

Cordless window shades are available for the home in a variety of colors and materials. Below is a list as well as description of most popular cordless window shade for the home.

Cellular cordless window shades also referred to as honeycomb shade are one of the best selling window shades for the home. One major reason for this is that they are energy efficient, which helps save money on heating and air conditioning bills. Choice of two or more sheets of pleated fabric the more sheets the better insulation provided. Cellular cordless window shades have light filtering and room darkening abilities that compliment any type or style of home decor.

Pleated cordless window shades are a first cousin to a cellular shade in that they are both pleated and look almost identical on the outside. On the inside, however, a cellular window shade has the honeycomb structure with more cells or sheets of fabric that make them more energy efficient. As mentioned above the more cells or sheets of fabric the more insulation and higher cost.

Cordless roller shades also known as roll up shade are shades made of fabric or paper. Paper window shades are the least expensive. Naturally, a fabric roller shade cost more and can get even more costly depending on type of fabric. Cordless roller shades also come in a variety of fabrics and colors and have light filtering and room darkening qualities. In fact, if you want completely dark bedrooms for better sleep consider blackout roller shades.

Roman cordless window shades are also referred to as fabric shades. This type of window shade is very versatile and comes in a wide variety of styles and features. Feature options include more insulation, costly material, light filtering features for light control. Roman window shades come in two basic styles, tear drop and flat fold. Flat fold roman shades provide a classic to contemporary look, while the tear drop roman shade is geared more toward a more formal type of setting or decor.

Solar cordless window shades are also referred to as solar screens and sheerweave shades. Solar window shades are composed of one layer of woven fabric. Solar shades and are designed to maximize view and natural light while still minimizing sunlight and glare. The color of solar shades affect incoming light, lighter colors allow more light and dark colors diminish light. Solar window shades are designed for daylight hours and are not good for privacy since you can see into the home at night.

Woven woods cordless window shades tend to give a more natural feel and look to the home. Many times these types of window shades are used for the sunroom, patio and porch. However,woven wood shades come in so many different styles that they can fit into most any atmosphere or decor in the home. Keep in mind that woven woods include grasses, bamboo, reeds and other natural materials. If you're into the natural look then you will love woven woods window shades.

Looks like you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to cordless window shades and can now make a more informed decision on the right cordless window shades for your home.

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