Horgis are adorable little balls of fluff, and are excellent pets. A Horgi is what we call a crossbreed or a designer dog, meaning it's a cross between two existing breeds of dog.

What is a Horgi?

It is a cross between a Corgi and an Alaskan or Siberian Husky. Depending on the breeder you choose, your puppy could be the pup of two Horgi parents or one Husky and one Corgi parent. Your pup will inherit the best characteristics of both of these breeds.

What Do I Need to Know About a Crossbreed Dog?

The standards for purebreed dogs are very strict. This means that it is easy to tell you how large your dog will be and what characteristics it will show. Things are more complicated with crossbreed animals. A Horgi is going to inherit traits from both its parents in differing quantities, and it's possible for even puppies born into the same litter to be vastly different. That means that we can only give you guidelines for how your puppy will look, grow and behave.

How Big Will a Horgi Puppy Grow?

To understand how big your pet will grow we'll need to look at both its parent breeds. A Corgi is quite a small dog and generally only grows to around 15 inches in height and around 30 pounds in weight. Huskies are much bigger than this, and grow to around 20 to 24 inches in height at the shoulder and between 30 and 60 pounds in weight.

Your Horgi should be somewhere between these two, bigger and heavier than a Corgi, but smaller and lighter than a Husky. In general, this designer breed is a medium sized dog that is suitable for all but the smallest of family homes or apartments.

What is a Horgi's Coat Like?

Dogs of this cross-breed is often found to be fluffy. A Corgi has a short haired coat that is very smooth, whilst a Husky has a longer, thicker coat. A Horgi therefore is usually straight haired, not curly, and has medium length hair. Only rarely do you find a Horgi that is short haired or has a smooth coat.

Are there any Coat Concerns?

If you get a Horgi you're probably not going to be making visits to the groomer, since they're quite low maintenance. Their coats may need shampooing, but rarely needs cutting or styling. They do shed quite a bit of hair, so you might want to keep that in mind. If your Horgi has an especially thick coat like its Husky parent then you'll need to be cautious in hot weather as your dog could easily overheat and get dehydrated

What is a Horgi's Personality Like?

Corgis are considered to be loyal, affectionate and playful dogs, whilst Huskys are hard-working, loving and also very loyal. Your Horgi will probably be a mixture of these traits, meaning you're going to have a very loving and loyal pet in your home.

How Much Exercise Does a Horgi Need?

Horgis usually need a medium amount of exercise. Huskys are working dogs and require a lot of running, but a smaller Horgi will need less walking than a Husky. You will need to walk your Horgi at least once a day, possibly twice depending on how big he or she grows. A Horgi is an active dog, however, so they are not great choices for elderly or low-activity individuals.

Do Horgis Have Any Health Concerns?

There are no specific health concerns associated with Horgis. Corgis can have hip and back problems, whilst Huskys are generally very healthy but may have hip and eye issues. A crossbreed dog is generally much healthier than a purebreed however, so there's less chance that your Horgi will inherit a predisposition to hip, eye or back issues than a purebred dog would.

How Do I Know if a Horgi is Right For Me?

Horgis do need a fair amount of exercise, so you'll need to be pretty active, but their sweet, loving nature makes them an excellent family dog. Try calling local breeders to see if you can arrange a visit, and definitely check out Horgi forums online to find out the experience that other owners have had with this breed.