Dog Breed Info: Corgi Poodle Cross Mix

A Corgipoo is an adorable little bundle of fluff, and it's what we refer to as a designer dog. This means that it's a mixture of two different purebred breeds of dog.

What is a Corgipoo?

A Corgipoo is a mixture between a Corgi and a Poodle. Your puppy might be the result of two Corgipoos breeding, or it might have one Corgi parent and one Poodle parent. That depends on how your breeder decides to breed his or her puppies.

What Should I Know About Designer Dogs?

There's one very important concern with designer dogs, and it's something that you should definitely be aware of. A purebred dog adheres to very strict standards. If you have a purebred Corgi, for example, it will look and behave in a certain way that is quite easy to predict. A designer dog on the other hand is much more variable. Because your puppy will take traits from its mother and from its father in different amounts it's harder to say what kind of dog your puppy will grow into. Even puppies born in the same litter can turn out completely different!

How Big Can My Puppy Get?

This will depend on your puppy's parentage. There are different kinds of Poodle, which can grow anywhere from around ten inches to over twenty inches in height and weigh anywhere from 25 to 65 pounds. In general, Corgipoo pups are bred from smaller, Miniature Poodles, though they may come from a Standard Poodle and therefore will be slightly bigger.

A Corgi grows to around 15 inches in height and about 30 pounds in weight. Your puppy will be a combination of these two parents, so will probably grow to somewhere in between the heights and weights standard for each parent. A Corgipoo in general is a relatively small dog, though not a teacup sized pet.

What is a Corgipoo's Coat Like?

A Corgi has a short haired, smooth coat, whilst a Poodle generally has a longer, thicker and curly coat. A Corgipoo will probably be straight haired, but his coat will be longer than that of a Corgi. They are often described as fluffy dogs.

Are There Any Coat Concerns?

Corgipoos are not regarded as especially high maintenance, and it's unlikely that you'll need to visit a groomer unless your dog is particularly long haired. You will need to brush the coat to prevent small tangles though, and invest in a good dog shampoo for bath time.

What is a Corgipoo's Personality Like?

Your puppy's personality will be unique and will depend on the temperament of his or her parents. Corgipoos in general are said to be affectionate, loyal, loving and very lively dogs!

How Much Exercise Does a Corgipoo Need?

Because Corgipoos are so lively they need a fair amount of exercise to keep them happy. Fortunately, they're also quite small animals so for a human owner that exercise shouldn't be too strenuous. A good daily walk should be enough, and maybe a run around the park or the garden once a day.

Are There Any Health Concerns Associated with Corgipoos?

Corgis have a tendency to suffer from hip and back problems, whilst Poodles have a tendency to suffer from kidney problems. However, a mixed breed dog is generally in far more robust health than a purebred, and whilst your Corgipoo may suffer from one of these issues it's much more unlikely than if you had a purebreed. There are no specific illnesses associated with the Corgipoo.

Is a Corgipoo Right for Me?

Corgipoos make great pets. They're fairly low maintenance, and are affectionate and friendly with other animals and with children. This means that they're a good choice for a family pet, though they will need to have moderate exercise.

If you are thinking about getting a Corgipoo you should look for a local breeder and ask if it's possible to visit them and their animals. This will give you the best information about whether or not a Corgipoo is going to be right for you. Searching internet forums dedicated to Corgipoo owners and asking questions is another great idea that can give you more information about the puppy you're planning on getting.