Corian vs Marble Window Sills – Heat, warmth and price


Whether to use corian vs marble for making a window sill forms an age-old debate. In fact various factors come in play that you might not consider.

Synthetic vs Natural

The age-old material debate plays out here. When considering Coriander vs Marble you are considering a window sill made of a synthetic or a natural material.


The Corian window sill does not expand or contract with temperature change. A cold night will not alter the tightness of the fit. This substance does have a peculiar weakness. Often they are heat sensitive in the form of melting. Too much heat can potentially destroy the material. Except in the hottest climates this does not represent a problem. The material appears completely uniform and the aesthetic does not alter based on piece.


The Marble window sill represents a classic. The beauty and weight lacks competition from other materials. The appearance varies between different sheets. While this material does not expand or contract greatly like other natural substances it does have a single drawback. This material sells for a lot of money. Simply put you do not get this cheap. Also vulnerability exists in which this material may shatter or chip with sudden impacts. Sheets of the material often vary and have vastly different appearances.  

Your Situation

Corian vs marble windows sills come down to your situation. Among the more obvious considerations comes as that of temperature and lights. The synthetic risks melting and a multitude of environmental problems with too much direct heat.


Another potential problem are natural variations. While Corian consists of perfectly uniform pieces the varied shapes of Marble requires much cutting and sanding to get a perfect window sill fit. This requires a great deal of effort. Those who lack the experience will need to research the process heavily. Cutting and sanding needs much work and many pieces need finishing.

The decision between corian vs marble window sills reflects deeper questions. No matter what you decide make certain that your choice will last. People do not replace this part of the home often. In the last decade the skills and quality of installing natural material has declined. Finding a solid piece represents a great long-term investment. Whether corian or marble grace your window sill the biggest benefit will come as the heat stays in and the cold out.