Cork tiles are incredibly versatile pieces that can be used to great effect in your home or office. The use of cork tiles can lead to new projects, unique design, and functional wall space. They can be used for walls, for crafts, or for use as cork flooring! When it comes to the uses of cork tiles, the limit is your imagination and drive!

What are Cork Tiles?

Cork tiles are, well, tiles made of cork! The dimensions are typically 12" x 12". This makes them ideal to cover the dimensions of most rooms and easy to cut into size and shape if need be. The thickness of cork tiles is generally in a range of 3/16" to 3/4". This depth provides ample accommodation of pins and thumbtacks to mount whatever your heart desires.

How Can I Use Cork Tiles?

There are some very practical ways to use cork tiles that stand out from the rest. Detailed below are 5 of the more common uses.

1. Wall Covering - Imagine covering the entire wall of a room in cork tiles. What could be done in this room? Basically, anything you want. The utility of having entire walls covered with cork tiles means that you have an entire room in which to post pictures, notes, drawings, and ideas all over the walls and not have to fear damaging the wall underneath.

2. Floor Covering - The 'spongy' nature of cork tiles used for flooring can make for a great walking sensation. Cork tiles can also help protect the underlying floor from anything that may be dropped or set on top. This quality of cork tiles makes it great for craft rooms or maybe even child's playrooms. Cork flooring can add many virtues to any room you choose.

3. Homemade Drink Coasters - Have a little bit of an ef="/Arts and Crafts">arts and crafts side? Why not make some homemade drink coasters? Cork tiles are well suited for this as they will not damage the surface on which they are set and will help absorb and redirect the moisture of your drink. They are also great as slip pads for anything on which they are glued.

4. Unique Design Element - The appearance of cork tiles is very unique and this lends it to some textures and design possibilities that you may have never thought possible before. Experiment with layout. The square design of cork tiles means that they are easily inter-locked with one another, thus creating a wide range of design.

5. Message Board - Buying a single cork tile is ideal for mounting on the wall, or fridge, for use as a message board! Want to leave a quick note where people are likely to see it? Why not leave it on your convenient cork tile? They look great just by themselves, or they can be decorated to your heart's content.

Where can I find Cork Tiles?

Hardware Stores - This is a great place to find cork tiles for larger projects especially. If they don't carry them onsite, they can likely order them for you from a supplier or other stores.

Office Supply Stores/Art Supply Stores - Usually the cork tile selection in these stores is limited. Even then, they will normally come if packages of 3 or 4. These are ideal for small craft projects that utilize cork or cork tiles.

The Internet - The internet is probably your best bet in finding cork tiles at the lowest prices. Any major search engine is likely to point you right where you need to go to find cork tiles for your project.

Whatever the use, whether practical or artful, cork tiles can make for unique qualities in any room. This can be both at home and at the office. Un-cork your imagination and try some cork tiles in your next project!