"Good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well used."
-William Shakespeare

Nifty Wine Gadget of the year?

Corkcicle is a wine bottle cork and chiller in one that claims to keep wine at the best wine temperature. So it's not just a reusable wine cork or a wine bottle chiller, it's both. Pretty neat concept, ey? 

A neat concept, indeed. But does it work and is it really worth its average selling price of $22? Lets find out.

Corkcicle - Wine Bottle Cork for Best Wine Temperature?(71995)

How it works:

Corkcicle is essentially an ice pack in the shape and color of an icicle attached to the bottom of a wine bottle cork. You keep it in the freezer until beginning a bottle, when you insert it into the opened bottle to obtain and maintain the best wine temperature throughout the period of sipping.

What is the Best Wine Temperature, exactly?

There's an optimal temperature range for every type of wine available. Generally, however, the matter can be broken down into the best temperature for red and the best temperature for white:

  • Red: mid 50s F
  • White: mid to upper 40s F.[1314]

Check out this wine temperature chart for the exact range of optimal temperature for each particular category.

Methods of keeping best Wine Serving TemperatureCorkcicle - Wine Bottle Cork for Best Wine Temperature?(71997)

Other than using Corkcicle, methods of obtaining the best wine temperature for both reds and whites include the following:

  • Refrigerate the bottle and as it's sipped let it sit on the table, the "refrigerate and sit" method.
  • Keep the bottle out and then use an ice bucket, known simply as the "ice bucket" method.

Refrigerate and Sit

Refrigerated wine is generally too cold to experience its full aromatic and taste qualities. So the first few glasses will be too cold, then there will be a short period where the temperature is just right, and then it will be too warm. So this method works great when you catch the bottle at the right point, so to speak, but otherwise the temperature's either too cold or too hot. 

Ice Bucket

Particularly popular with whites, the ice bucket method of controlling wine temperature is great at first but, shortly, makes it too cold. So the ice bucket method is great if the bottle is enjoyed quickly enough. But for those who like to sip and enjoy their wine a bit more slowly, however, the temperature will eventually become too cold. It goes without say, but the particular indoor/outdoor temperature of where you're sipping will also affect the duration before your bottle will eventually become too cold. In super warm climate, the ice bucket method work just fine.

The Corkcicle Solution

Corkcicle - Wine Bottle Cork for Best Wine Temperature(71996)

Claiming an in-between solution to two options discussed above, and differing significantly in approach, Corkcicle chills the wine from the inside of the bottle. It's both a reusable cork for after the initial opening of the wine bottle, and a way to obtain and maintain the ideal temperature.

The basic design and concept is simple enough, and really quite genius. And come to think of it, other than not watering down the beverage, the Corkcicle idea is similar to that of ice. They say it's good for 45 minutes, at which point it needs to go back into the freezer. Buying two would double your usable Corkcicle time, giving you 1.5 hours of wine at the perfect temperature. Having 3 or 4, of course, would eve more greatly extend the time.

For a better idea, here's the promo video:


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