If you want to stop that bottle of white wine you just opened from warming up without ice buckets or jamming it in the fridge in-between glasses, then check out the Corkcicle wine chiller.

This is a really cool invention as it is so easy to use for any type of wine.  Even a red can use a bit of cooling if it is left open in a warm room for too long, so this really cool and chic looking corkcicle is basically what it looks like, a cork on an icicle!

This cool invention is designed to keep those special white wines chilled and those reds at the temperatures of a good wine cellar which is the mid 60s.

Corkcicle Wine Chiller(122561)Credit: Amazon.com
Corkcicle Color Wine Chiller, Green
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(price as of Aug 21, 2015)

Ice buckets can make the wine too cold, which then masks the flavour and makes a drippy mess when serving those second glasses.  When enjoying your company you don’t want to be dealing with messy ice buckets or bottles wrapped in towels for the drips.

How to Use the Corkcicle Wine ChillerCorkcicle Wine ChillerCredit: Amazon.com

If you are serving a white wine, then after you have poured the first glass then simply place this corkcicle into the bottle.  It will keep the wine chilled from the inside out, rather than from the outside in, which is what happens in an ice bucket.

For reds, simply place this cork into the bottle for a suggested 12 minutes to keep the red at just the right cellar temperature of approximately the mid 60s degrees F.  This way you retain the perfect flavour of your wines.

Many times that first glass would be the best, and then the second was mediocre simply because it was not being kept at the right temperature (unless of course you drink it fast!)  But even with many friends over, there is going to be an opened bottle of wine that could use a corkcicle wine chiller.

These are made from BPA free plastic and non-toxic freezer gel.  You simply place this in the freezer ready for the next time you open that bottle of wine and want the second glass to taste as good as the first.

When you are finished with it, you simple rinse it under the tap, dry it off and back in the freezer.  You can get these in different colours and they really look like an icicle. 

Keeping your wine chilled from the inside works well, and your guests will enjoy the fact they won’t have to mess with an ice bucket or go searching through your fridge for the bottle!

If there is a wine lover on your list this year, then this would make the perfect gift.  These are slim enough to store out of the way in the freezer, you could even have a few around for different bottles of wine.

As a gift idea, you could purchase a great bottle of wine and add this to the gift.  It will be appreciated and enjoyed.

This is such a simple and easy way to enjoy your wine at the right temperature without the bother or the mess.

Corkcicle Color Wine Chiller, Green
Amazon Price: $24.95 $9.00 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 21, 2015)