Corn Hole is a yard game everybody can play. It’s simple, fun and doesn’t require any specific skills other than being able to toss a bean bag some feet away. This yard game originated in Cincinnati, Ohio around 1999 and has become popular in the Midwest.

Yard GameCredit: Mike Meinhart

Corn Hole, also known as Corn Toss or Bean (Bag) Toss, isn’t too complicated to play. The object of this game is to toss the bean bags into one or any of three holes, depending on the make of the game board. With this lawn game, two or four people working  in teams try to reach the winning score of 21 points.

Earning Points with this Yard Game

There are 8 bags in opposing colors and the active players get four bags each to toss for points. Active players take turns at releasing the bags. The totaling of points occurs once all bag are on the ground. Probably the only complicated part is adding and subtracting the team points. Earning points with this yard game isn’t difficult as long as you get any or all the bags on the board.

You score 3 points for tossing the bean bag in any of the holes. You get 1 point if the bean bag lands on the board but doesn’t fall into a hole. You don’t get any points if the bag doesn’t land on the board or if it bounces from the floor to the board. Once points are totaled for that specific toss, you must subtract the highest from lowest and the remaining points go to the team who had the most points during that round. For example, Team Blue earns 3 points and Team Red earns 2 points during that first tossing round. You need to subtract 2 from 3 which is 1. That 1 point then goes to Team Blue. Then the tossing begins with the opposite side of opposing teams going against each other with the same scoring system until one team reaches 21.

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The Lawn Game for Every Occasion

This yard game has taken off as a well-enjoyed game for both families and football fans. Families enjoy it because Corn Hole really has no age restrictions as long as someone can pick up a bean bag and toss it towards one of the boards. Smaller kids can play by simply stepping closer to the board to toss the bags filled with sand, corn or beans. Older adults may also step closer if they are unable to swing their arm with ease. Families can play this game year round on any occasion. Even though this is a yard game, you don't need a yard to play. As long as the boards are on a flat surface, the game will work.

Even though this is a yard game, football fans have embraced it as a game to play while tailgating. The bean bags fabric display the college or professional team colors and the boards  have a painted mascot. A little team rivalry competition before the big game kicks off is always in good fun.

If you’re looking for a fun yard game to play, you may want to consider playing Corn Hole.