October is the time for costumes, candy, pumpkins, and best of all, getting lost in a corn maze.  Moms, dads, and kids will have a blast winding their way through the twists and turns, interpreting clues, and creating some great family memories.

Living in a large urban area like San Jose, you'd think it would be hard to find a true corn maze.  That's just not true!  There are three great corn mazes located within driving distance of Santa Clara County.

(A note to any fashionista moms out there - if it has rained lately, bring boots or shoes you don't care about.  The maze's dirt path can become very very muddy!!!)


Swank Farms - Hollister, CA

Swank Farms' MazeCredit: http://swankfarms.com

Website:  Swank Farms
Dates:  September 23rd - October 31st
Hours: Open daily 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM with extended hours on the weekends
Cost:  Varies - See Website

Swank Farms' multi-acre "Maniac Maze" was started back in 2000 and has been going strong ever since.  Thousands come every year to get lost in its confusing twists and turns.   If you're really into it, you can try to find all 27 hidden spots in the maze that will complete the story on your game map.

There are also tons of activities for kids including a pumpkin patch, a kiddie corn maze, rides, and games.

If you like to be scared, come to Swank Farms at night and enjoy their haunted Conover Mystery Ranch deep in the cornfield....though be warned - this haunted event is not for sissies!!!


G&M Farms - Livermore, CA

Website: G&M FarmsGM LogoCredit: http://www.gmfarms.com/
Dates: October 1st to October 31st
Hours: varies depending on day - check website
Cost: varies depending on day - check website (coupon is available)

G&M Farms is located just off of I-580 in Livermore, approximately 30 miles northeast of San Jose.  This corn maze is six acres of fun twists and turns.   The theme and design of the maze is different every year so make sure to return annually!

This farm is perfect for small children, with a pumpkin patch and plenty of rides for the kids.  There is also a produce stand filled with farm-fresh produce.


Cool Patch Pumpkins - Dixon, CA

Website:Largest Corn MazeCredit: http://www.coolpatchpumpkins.com/about.html  Cool Patch Pumpkins
Dates: Septmeber 16th to November 7th
Hours: varies depending on day - check website
Cost: Varies - check website

If you don't mind driving,  check out the World's Largest Corn Maze located in Dixon, CA, just southwest of Sacramento.  This maze expands and changes every year to keep pace with the world record.  This year, it is 45 acres and will take you hours to transverse.  There are elevated stations set up throughout, giving you a birds-eye view of the corn maze. 

There is also a large pumpkin patch, scarecrow contest, tee pee village, and pedal carts and big tricycles for a ride through the patch.  During the week after Halloween, the owners hosts a pumpkin smashing contest which is a blast for kids of all ages!