A corner couch is a wonderful adapation of the traditional couch to make it even more luxurious and comfortable.

Also known as corner sofas, corner couches are incredibly versatile and can be used to lie down on, curl up on or simply to sit. Even the basic models can can easily support three people (two sitting and one reclining) while the larger models can support up to six people simultaneously! Most will allow two people to lie down at once which is a big attraction for many. Sometimes the section of the couch intended for lying down on is called a "chaise".

Enough Cushions

The fact that corner couches are versatile is an advantage but you also need to have plenty of cushions to support this. Extra cushions give you more flexibility in how you sit or recline. Without them, your options are a little more limited. In some stores, you may see these advertised as "scatter cushions".

Arm And Back Options

Not all models are made the same. One corner couch may feature more backrests than another. Sometimes you can choose but often you cannot. What you should definitely be able to choose is the side that you prefer to have the armrest on.

Always have some idea of how you visualize your couch in your living room and also where you might put it in several years time.


Most of these couches are so-called because they turn at a 90 degree angle. But there are also circular and semi-circular couches available too. These are less popular because the person in the middle often lacks adequate leg space. This can be a problem on a regular corner sofa too if you try to seat too many people because the person left in the corner will often have no leg room.

Type Of Filling

Like any other couch, there are a range of different filling available to choose from.

Foam is the cheapest and retains its shape well in the short term but in the long term will lose its shape. With fibers, you can plump or massage the cushion back into shape every now and again. Feathers are the best because they can be plumped up with success for many years so long as you have a good, strong underlying frame on which the cushions lie.