Corner fish tanks are increasingly popular and this is logical as they are practical and their design is popular.

However there are many things you should consider when buying one and it can become quite complex, especially if you are new in this area. Here are some tips and advice that will help you with this.

General Considerations

The size of your aquarium will dictate how many fish you can have in it, the bigger the aquarium, the more fish you can have. It is also more convenient to have a big aquarium as some fish grow in size and you don't want to change your aquarium just because one of your fish got bigger.

However, the bigger the aquarium, the more expensive it gets and the more water you will need (to fill, refill, etc...). You are also limited by the size of the room so you need to make some compromise.

Be also careful to measure the space correctly as you don't want people to bump into your fish tank or your book shelf to exert some pressure on your tank.

Fish 36Credit: Paolo Neo

As other types of tank, you should avoid open top tanks as the water will evaporate more quickly, will become dusty more easily and as some fish tend to jump out (think about your beautiful Arowana fish taking the leave...).

Finally, think about the overall price of the project: not only the tank but also the fish, the accessories, etc... It would be a shame to have a wonderful but empty fish tank.

Placement of Your Tank

Carefully choose the placement of your corner aquarium. Locate it near an electrical outlet and a faucet with a comfortable drain. Aquarium plants and fish need light, water, oxygen and food. Their light, water, and oxygen supply need an exclusive electrical outlet.

Fish 21Credit: Paolo Neo

Light can also be a problem. Placing the tank near a window can lead to two problems: temperature and algae growth. Some people argue that sun light alone is not responsible for algae growth as algae needs both sun light and nutrients but the risk is quite big. If you manage to keep your nutrients very low at all time and if you have a perfect control over the temperature, then it is an option. Otherwise, avoid placing your tank near a window. You can still place it in a corner from where it catches some sun rays during daytime but you will have to deal with a fish tank lighting system.

Other Corner Aquariums Tips

To make your corner fish tank work nicely for you and your fish, you have to maintain its cleanliness and oxygen supply. Choose water filters that would fit your fish tank. See to it that when you need to clean your corner fish tank, you have a ready drain for it. If your fishes are not carnivorous, you can have live janitors. Your oxygen supply that's present in the water can be maximized by an aerator. Oxygen insufficiency is one reason why fish dies.

Fish 10Credit: Paolo Neo

Use exclusively decorative objects made for aquarium. Otherwise you would risk to have the painting of the object leak in the water. 


I hope you found these tips helpful in the acquisition of a corner fish tank. Some say that a fish tank is a mirror of its owner. Who you are can be seen in the way you built your tank and in the manner you maintain it. Good luck with it and may your fish live a prosper and long life in your aquarium!

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