Corner Shower Stalls

Corner shower stalls are popular fixtures for space maximization in one's bathroom. Also, since people these days engage in a busier lifestyle and have no time to get into a tub, corner shower stalls have become a modern trend in getting cleaned and refreshed faster. Corner shower stalls also entails about privacy. You can always get opaque walls for these stalls so you can't be seen when other people in your household can use the other parts of the bathroom. They are also a lot cleaner. In the absence of corner shower stalls there is a possibility that water will be splashing around your floors and walls - and at worst - even damage surrounding decors or fixtures. Constant wet floors are also a venue for bacteria to propagate. Constant moisture also facilitates the built-up of scum which will then be a cause to damaged flooring. What is really great about corner shower stalls is that it confines the water in its area and lets it go directly to the drain.

In decorating, the bathroom's main problem is the lack of space. Corner shower stalls are the answer to the problem of space limitations. What makes this product appealing to most customers is that it is perfect for any bathroom size; it is also very stylish once installed.

Types of corner shower stalls

There is a variety of corner shower stalls that are available today. There are stalls that are frameless. These are mostly preferred because it gives a sleeker look. There are also framed stalls on hand where the frames can either be made of stainless steel or chrome. The enclosures, like glass enclosures, is also being styled, it could be stained, molded or etched.

When one takes about corner shower stalls, they are two types that are available. First are the pre-fabricated or pre-made stalls that are made of fiberglass or acrylic. This is the better choice if you have affordability in mind. These types come in a variety of sizes and they are also inexpensive compared to custom made corner shower stalls

The second are custom shower stalls that need to be assembled on the spot. Advantages of custom corner shower stalls are that you can personally choose the color, style, size and shape you are fitting. The disadvantage though is the cost, aside from the installation fees, the prices of the materials being used also add to the expense. Custom made shower stalls are usually made of tile, stone resin or other materials.

Corner shower stalls can be bought in home stores and online shops, normally ranging from 350-700 dollars depending on the brand, size, and materials used. There are also high end and luxurious corner shower stalls that are priced as high as 2000 dollars.

When shopping for corner shower stalls

What do you have to check when you purchase your corner shower stall? Aside from the design you want, you would also need to get an idea on the size first. You should know what space you would like to allocate for your shower stall, even measure the area if you have to. Take into consideration if you want a shower stall that's good for only one person or two. After you get the exact measurement, go to the local home store and try to get one that is already assembled that fit the measurement you just did. This will save you a lot of trouble. But if the unfortunate circumstance happens that they absolutely have no corner shower stall of the size you want, you will have to assemble it on your own. Also before you take your kit home, make sure there are no factory defects such as scratches, rust or cracks.

Installing your own corner shower stall

The first thing you have to do is remove the old shower; this would mean that you may have to change the connections of the pipes or take the flooring too. But if you are working on an empty space or just too tired to get the old shower and are ok with two showers, the first thing to do is install the shower pan and the bathroom flooring. This will have you handle pipe connections. With regards to the piping it is advised that one hire a plumber to ensure a system won't have any leakages. The corner shower stall kit will have manufacturers instructions provided when you make your purchase. Just follow these and you'll do fine, and if you have a hard time you could also check the web for tips and see how-to videos for proper installation.