LCD TV's are in vogue nowadays and along with buying a LCD TV comes a big decision of a perfect place in the house for the LCD TV. By no means is this decision easy as everybody in the house will have their own opinions

The conventional TV stands generally do not work for the LCD TV's as the viewing experience is not that good. The best viewing experience for a LCD TV is when they at a height which is above your line of sight when you are sitting as then you can easily slouch on your sofa and watch the TV. That will mean that you will have to shun the TV stand and go for the wall mount.

Now you can mount the LCD TV on any of your walls however that will mean that it will take some space in your living room or bedroom. You will feel that the room now has less free space. To avoid feeling cramped, the other option and a very good option at that is to mount the TV in a secluded corner.

Yes it may seem odd but you can get a good viewing experience with a corner wall mount for LCD TV. The reason being that this corner mount has the articulating dual arms which help in moving the TV to any viewable position as you may want and when you are done viewing then you can retract the extendable arms such that it does not encroach your free space.

All this is possible because of the fact that the arms are articulating and extendable. The articulating arms are almost similar to the way the human arms function. They can extend to a length of about 15 to 18 inches from the wall and can retract to about 3 inches from the wall. They can even be tilted at an angle downwards or upwards. This helps if you are watching the television in your living room lying down on the sofa.

Before buying the corner mount for LCD TV make sure that you get VESA specifications which are there for the LCD TV. These VESA specifications are generally given on the back side of the LCD TV. VESA is the standard for the TV mounts which is followed by all the TV manufacturers. The best way to buy the LCD TV mounts is to buy these along with the TV. Most retailers will sell the TV stands along with the LCD TV as a package.

is it possible to mount a tv in the corner ?

The answer is simply a yes. There are wall mounts which will help you do that. These corner wall mounts can help mount a TV for any size be it 64" or even 82".

There are articulating dual arm Tv mounts which will give the TV its motion such that you can easily move the TV in horizontal movement for the best viewing experience. 

Best Location for Plasma TV

The best location for a Plasma TV is definitely based on the size of your room and also how you typically view the TV. In case you are a bedroom person then of course it is the bedroom. Some people like it in the living room and want their sofa to be the ideal sitting place. 

Now, within that room you can either keep the TV in the corner using a TV stand or you can keep it in the corner using a wall mount. The second option is always the best as then you can save on some space in the room. For the corner wall mount TV it is advisable to select a dual arm or single arm articulating TV mount. That TV mount can tilt as well as it can very easily swivel in a left/right motion. 

The other option for mounting the TV is the opposing wall. Rather I must say that it is most conventional place to hang your TV.  Again you will need the wall mounts however in this case you will only need to have the standard low profile wall mount with some tilt which will help move the TV up or down to some degrees. 

Best way to mount TV in the corner

After buying the TV and selecting the corner of the room to mount your TV, you will need to select the appropriate wall mount for the TV. The basic guideline for selection is that if you just want to place the TV at a height with standard fixture and do not want any tilt then go for the low profile mount. 

However it is advisable that you go in for the dual arm extension corner mount. That is definitely the best way to mount a TV in the corner. The reason being that those arms will help the TV to move or rather tilt up and down as well give the TV a horizontal movement. 

The other important thing to note is that you should make sure that what type of wall is there in the room. If it is a drywall then look for the wood studs beneath that to mount the TV. Drywall cannot support the weight of the TV. 

Cable management is important so it is advisable to drill a hole behind the TV mount to hide all the wires. Also you need another hole down at the bottom of the wall. This will make sure that all in and out wires are there place properly.