Cornet HD Antenna

Why do you need a Cornet indoor TV antenna for HD?

With flat screen and high definition televisions growing rapidly in popularity and decreasing in price, more people are finding they need a Cornet indoor TV antenna for HD to get the most out of the new televisions. Technology has progressed so quickly, that it is not even possible to get the old "tube" technology televisions that were available just a few short years ago. Nearly all cable and satellite providers offer a high definition package to watch all of your favorite shows in stunning clarity, but the price tag can be a little more than the occasional TV watcher wants to pay.

The benefits of digital television:

Prior to June 12th 2009, all full power television stations were broadcasting both an analog and digital TV signal. However, as of June 13th 2009 the FCC required all full power television stations to shut off their analog broadcast and distribute only their digital HD programming. Some of the benefits of requiring this transition include:

Freed Up Emergency Broadcast Spectrum - The elimination of television signals on the analog spectrum allowed more channels for fire, ambulance and rescue workers to communicate over.

Improved Picture and Sound - Not only are digital broadcasts higher in quality, but they also allow for enhanced audio technology like surround sound.

Opened Spectrum To The Public - Portions of the analog broadcast spectrum have already begun to be auctioned off to privately held companies which intend to use the frequencies to distribute broadband Internet wirelessly throughout the country.

The features of a Cornet indoor TV antenna for HD:

Due to some of the limitations of the digital broadcast (like terrain interference) you may not get all of the channels available to you using your existing antenna. Luckily, there are now amplified TV antennas that can be used to boost the signal coming from the TV station so you get better reception and more channels. The Cornet indoor TV antenna for HD has a signal amplifier built in with an easy on off switch to get the most out of your HDTV.

Unlike many older antennas, the Cornet indoor TV antenna for HD is capable of receiving and amplifying UHF, VHF, and FM signals. You no longer need two or more antennas to receive the maximum amount of channels available to you. With an easy to read LED power and amplification indicator, setting up your Cornet indoor TV antenna for HD is easy.

How to set up a Cornet indoor TV antenna for HD:

Installing your new HD TV antenna is as easy as running a coaxial cable from the connector on the back of the antenna to the connector on the back of the TV. Then, plug the HD antenna into the wall and power it on. Make sure the amplification is set to the highest setting, and begin adjusting the 3 different antennas until you get maximum reception. Be sure to try to multiple positions and locations for your antenna to receive the maximum possible signal. You should expect to receive around 19-38 channels from your new Cornet indoor TV antenna for HD.