So the football season is here and you're ready to buy some new cornhole bags for this year's tailgating parties. You would like to show up at the party with some brand new bags with the perfect feel and weight so that all of your buddies know you are serious this year; you aren't going to lose one more cornhole tournament! This year is yours.

The cornhole bags you have been using all summer are worn, weathered and the corn has broken down and is nothing but a pile of mush: "Why did I buy cheap bags from that guy working out of his garage?" You ask yourself; "He probably just filled the bags with cracked corn anyway and sewed it using some cheap thread. What a rip-off!" So you tell yourself it's time to buy some real bags; ones that are durable, strong, and won't break down after a couple months or less.

The question is: How do you know that you are buying the right cornhole bags? When buying your bags the first thing to do is make sure you are buying regulation size and weight bags. Many people think they are buying the right kind of bags only to discover later that the bags are underweight, overweight, too small or too large. Here is a breakdown of the basic regulation size and weight of cornhole bags: Bags should be 6" x 6" and the weight should fall between 14-16 oz (the closer to 16 oz the better, as every time your bag impacts the board and the corn dust flies, you are losing a little bit of weight).

The next question is: What type of fabric is the best material for cornhole bags. Answer: By far the best material to use is duck canvas, also called duck cloth or cotton canvas. A medium-grade duck cloth (10-12 oz) should be sufficient. Canvas is strong, durable and can withstand a beating more so than regular cotton. Some bag manufacturers use plain cotton for their bags because it is sold everywhere, is easy to come by and often comes with your favorite sports team printed on the material. This plain cotton is meant for lightweight applications such as bed sheets and cheap curtains; not for cornhole bags; it's duck canvas or it's nothing! Canvas should be stitched with an industrial sewing machine using strong industrial thread, not some cheap household thread. At minimum the bags should be double-stitched on all sides.

Lastly, whole kernel corn feed should be used to fill the bags. If a company advertises that it uses cracked corn or any other filling, buy your cornhole bags from someone else. Now that you have educated yourself, it's time to buy some cornhole bags. Let's play!