A workforce that has goals to aim for tends to be a happier, more engaged workforce that will go the extra mile and take pride in the work they do. They have a reason for performing the tasks they do with an incentive in sight that makes it all worthwhile.

The goals a workforce work towards can be cash incentives, or it can be recognition. While money certainly does impel workers to try harder, there's something about being recognized by the company you work for, and therefore acknowledged by your peers as well, that is highly satisfying and worth struggling for.

A company can show its appreciation to individual workers through the presentation of awards and trophies. They can be given for certain achievements, milestones worth recognizing. The trick is to make it possible for every worker to get there, but not too easy. It has to be something that takes some extra effort and dedication, but not too much so.

Custom business awards are ideal for this. They can be personalized, and if they are unique to the company, and not just a design that many other companies use, they will be cherished and appreciated by those who work hard enough to receive them.

The more engaged a workforce is, the cheaper it becomes to run the company. Henry Ford discovered this in the early part of the 20th century when he raised wages to $5 a day. Most similar companies were paying around $2.25 a day at the time, so Ford's wage increase was certainly significant.

What Ford achieved was lower turnover of staff. He needed around 14,000 workers, and in one year alone he employed over 52,000 workers. He reasoned that by awarding them with higher wages they would become more loyal to him and his staff turnover would drop. He was right. His relatively big wage increase more than paid for itself. His workers became more engaged and loyal, and Ford's profits went up.

It isn't necessary to raise wages to achieve much the same result, though perhaps in a more modest way. Give workers something they can work towards that is plainly achievable, but takes effort. Make them feel proud of achieving it, and you will be well on your way to creating a loyal workforce.

Corporate awards, unique executive and business trophies presented to staff members who have deserve special recognition, helps enormously to build loyalty. If everything else is in place, good wages, good working conditions and a management who listens to its workforce, then providing this simple, but highly effective incentive, can make a world of difference.