Smart business owners and managers know that employee recognition is an important part of keeping morale high. Employee recognition lapel pins are a tool that can be utilized for this purpose and these pins are as equally impactful to a certificate or award.

Award pins and years of service pins do more than give a manager something to hand to an employee. Here are a few of the benefits of corporate pins for employee recognition purposes.

Motivation for Recipient

A certificate given for recognition often ends up in the trash. Best case scenario, it is hung on the wall or in the cubicle of the employee and gathers dust. Corporate pins, however, are treated much differently. Employees value custom pins because it serves as a reminder for the hard work they invested to achieve their pin. Not to mention they realize there could be an opportunity to wear the pin in the future or highlight this achievement in the future.

Many employees will wear the award pins on a regular basis. Others will wear them to special work events such as meetings, conferences or during business trips.

Wearing the service pin – and even just seeing it on their dresser – can provide motivation for the recipient. They will be reminded of why they received the award, and will be motivated to continue down a successful path.

Motivation for Other Employees

Custom enamel pins will not only motivate the recipient of the award, but can also motivate other employees. Yes, it’s “just” a pin, but who wants to be the only employee at an event without one? Seeing other employees donning their die struck lapel pins and other similar awards can spur them on to do what it takes to earn one.


Another great reason to choose service pins as a form of recognition is that they are an inexpensive option. As businesses are struggling to find ways to save money, many are happy to learn that even custom designed award pins are very affordable.

Custom pins are available that will allow a business to include their logo or other custom artwork. For years of service award pins, the enamel lapel pins can be customized with the number of years of service. Some businesses have the same service pin created in different colors with each color representing a different number of years.

Quality is Key

Of course, a poor quality service pin will not have the same impact as a high quality custom pin. The artwork should be done well and the pin created using sturdy materials. The presentation of the award pins is also important. For example, instead of just handing the employee the award pin, consider presenting the pin in a velvet drawstring bag or a lined box. This will give the employee even more reason to keep and appreciate the corporate pin.

Businesses in the market for service pins should look for a vendor with experience in the market and one that will work closely with them on custom artwork and other design elements.

Service pins are an effective way to recognize employee achievement in a manner that is both cost-effective and appreciated. Both small and large businesses should consider adding employee recognition lapel pins to their next recognition meeting.