If you fly on private planes a few times a year, then chartering is usually the most economic option, not to mention the most convenient and stress-free. Imagine air travel being the first part of your vacation, or the stress free rest time before your important business meeting. Surprisingly, the major cost factors of private jet charter travel are the type and age of the plane and the distance traveled.

Corporate Jet Charter

In terms of being cost effective, jet charter travel is an especially financially savvy option when companies are flying a large number of business partners or employees to the same location or business destination. A number of individual commercial flight tickets can quickly become way more expensive than it would be to get a charter jet service. This is not to mention all of the unforeseen flight changes and delays that cost additional funds.

Unlike fractions or jet cards you don't have to put up a large sum of money upfront - with all it's attendant financing, cash flow or risk issues, there are no ongoing monthly fees to pay.

Aside from financial gains that you may benefit from in certain circumstances when chartering a private jet, one of the most notable and enjoyable parts of private jet travel is the luxurious accommodation that passengers are treated to. Most of us who haven't experienced a private jet have no idea what we are missing in terms of high sky luxury.

Business Jet
In order to make maximum corporate profit, large airlines today have made flying conditions for passengers more and more uncomfortable, much to the average man's dismay. Some of these changes have resulted in passenger discomforts that are unavoidable for safety and security reasons while other are simply a result of corporate infrastructures that are too heavily focused on making a profit. For example, security lines and limited liquids on flight are rules that we typically don't like, but at the same time they are unavoidable and necessary for the safety of the general public. These types of rules, however, don't apply for private charter jet travel.

Other common airplane procedures that tend to make commercial airline passengers uncomfortable are simply results of a corporate airline business that is too focused on profit margins. Lack of legroom, additional fees for seat changes and baggage checks are a few of the down side of commercial air travel that are automatically avoided through private jet charter. Traveling by a chartered jet is synonymous with comfort, and most all businesses that supply these private jet services are well aware that sacrificing luxury isn't an option for their clientele.

It's important to weight the benefits, pros, and cons, as well as financial discrepancy between private jet charter services and commercial air. Quite frequently, the public is surprised at what an appealing and viable option jet charter presents for all kinds of traveling needs.