Perfumes are made up of essential oil mixtures. These oils are combined together to get a sweet smell which is known as fragrance. Every individual has a different liking when it comes to perfumes. As some like strong while the other few like mild notes, therefore it is very important to choose the right kind of perfume and you must take care of a few things while buying women's perfumes.

  1. a.   Select the right kind of perfume- The main purpose to wear perfume is to make sure that your personality and attire get enhanced. Therefore, you should select the perfume which connects with your personality and matches your natural aroma. When you test the perfume fragrance, make sure you spray it on your skin rather than on the strip. Spraying on the skin will give you the exact fragrance of the perfume and will help you buy the right perfume.
  2. b.  Know your skin type then buy a perfume- Studies say that dry skin tends to make the perfume weak, therefore you should use a strong fragrance if your skin is dry. However, you should always buy a perfume which matches your body odor, as our own aroma also affects the fragrance you wear. Never indulge in buying perfumes just because the bottle looks trendy, buy something that is exclusively for you.
  3. c.   Make sure you spray it at right areas- It should be taken into consideration that you do not spray while you are wearing jewellery. It can cause great damage to the look and feel of the precious and expensive ornaments. Also, make sure you don’t spray them on your clothes as they might cause discoloration. However, you should spray it from a distance so as to ensure that your clothes are safe and are not suffered from the adverse effects that a perfume can cause to them.
  4. d.  When to apply the perfumes- The ideal time to apply perfume is after the shower. This is because when you come out of the shower you body pores are open; therefore the perfume fragrance will easily get penetrated into the skin, hence giving you a long lasting effect. Women’s perfume shouldn’t be worn together, until and unless they are of the same aroma and brand.
  5. e.   Avoid countless sprays throughout the day- It’s quite obvious that you think that your fragrance has got evaporated, but it’s nothing like that actually. It’d still be there! Avoid spraying a lot of the perfume on yourself to avoid teasing your nose. Because at one point of time you’ll not be able to smell your own fragrance.

Wear perfumes by keeping the weather in mind- Women’s perfumes smell best when they are worn keeping the weather in mind. On a sunny day, the fresh smell of a rose or sunflower will keep you refreshed throughout the day. You should choose a mild fragrance for summers and strong for winters. The fragrance gets enhanced and loved by people around you, if they are worn appropriately. A mild aroma for winters would never be advisable.