Correct Your Body's Internal Clock To Sleep Better:

Did you know that the amount of natural sunlight you receive has an impact on your body's ability to realize when it's time to sleep? When our internal body clock becomes confused our quality of sleep suffers. Insomnia2

Suprachaismatic Nucleus, this is the scientific name that refers to the internal body clock. This internal body clock is responsible for regulating your waking times and the times when you sleep. The body clock also controls the release of the hormones that are responsible for moods, energy and sleep.

Sunlight comes into play because it's a natural signal to your suprachaismatic nucleus. With the rising of the sun, your body is triggered to wake up. As the natural light leaves us at sundown, we naturally begin to slow down as preparation for the rest our body needs

Lifestyles, health issues, family demands and work schedules sometimes prevent us from allowing nature to take its proper course. Not getting the wake - sleep signals as the body need them can turn an occasional night of insomnia into a full blown sleep disorder. Eventually signals become so confused that hormones will be released at the incorrect times. In turn, the body will become very stressed.

What If I Am Not Able To Sleep At Night?

Daytime Sleeper

If your lifestyle or career only allows you to sleep during the day or if you are unable to go outside for health related reasons, keep your home or work area bright during your awake times. While it isn't natural sunlight it will help to regulate your body clock.

As your waking time winds down, wind down with it. A few hours before sleeping, start to dim your lights. This will trigger the release of the hormones needed to relax your body enough for a restful nights sleep.

Sleeping during the day can be difficult for many. Not only does a bright room make it difficult on the eyes, but it is triggering your system to keep releasing the daytime hormone that gives you the energy that you need to get through the day. Those mixed signals can be straightened out by keeping your sleep area as dim as possible.

Place heavy drapes in the room you sleep in. Use an eye mask to block out any light that the drapes will not. You also want the area to be as quiet as possible. All these little details trigger your sleep hormone, allowing you to relax enough to sleep.

Sleep Deprivation That Evolves Into Insomnia Will Lead To Physical Illness:

Sleeping Day

Adrenal fatigue is what happens when Insomnia becomes a serious problem. While it's not usually a problem to have a late night here and there, chronic insomnia will lead to hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue and a weakened immune system.

You can avoid illness that is related to a weakened immune system due to insomnia by correcting your body's internal clock.



If you are suffering from severe insomnia or prolonged bouts of insomnia, please see a medical professional. You may have a medical condition that is causing your insomnia that can be treated.