Corrugated cardboard is a paper made product that is instructed with two linerboards and a fluted center. The existence of corrugated cardboard goes as far back as 1856. Albert Jones of New York City established the pattening of the product. During this time period there was a huge need for better shipping boxes to help with the influx of shipping. Albert Jones did not officially make corrugated cardboard to our quality until December 20 1871. He used the corrugated cardboard for wrapping up his inventory of bottles for shipping.

Manufacturing of Corrugated Cardboard

The manufacturing of corrugated cardboard is created by a system called corrugators. Corrugator is a machine that helps create a system called pulping. Pulping is when you separate the hard wood from the sapwood creating the pulp that is needed to create the corrugated cardboard. The machine then spreads out a long thin strip of pulp that is hardened into the so-called dried end. The dried end is the pieces that you can see on the outside of the cardboard. For the ending process the cardboard pieces are put under pressure to extend the lifecycle of the cardboard.

The inside of the corrugated cardboard has a crimped area so the cardboard box has more support. The idea came from people trying to find studier ways to hold their merchandise. After the fluted portion is put under pressure to garner their strength, the piece is attached with a starch pasted to adhere it with the top and bottom piece. If you have tried to bend a piece of regular cardboard and then bend corrugated cardboard there will be a immense difference.

Uses for Corrugated Cardboard

Many shipping companies are currently using corrugated cardboard for the protection of their merchandise. Corrugated cardboard is manufactured in multiple plants and can be created 26,000 boxes per hour. The creation of the boxes can be done at most plants that create the material used for cardboard boxes. Often times the outsourcing of the making of the boxes are sent to sheet plants. Sheet plants are specially modified to create the scored lines you often see in the boxes. Among the different types of boxes that are made are the following, 4x8 cardboard sheets, colored cardboard sheets, and double wall corrugated cardboard sheets among many more.

One of the most popular reasons that manufacturers are creating better and cheaper cardboard boxes is due to the recycling boom of the 00s. A lot of the manufacturing companies are using recycled cardboard to help with the ecosystems and also making the cost less on the consumers. Cardboard makers are also looking to use recycled plastic to make plastic cardboard sheets that will help with stability during shipping. Corrugated cardboard make of been around for only 150 years, but with the eco friendly boom I don't ever see them going out of business any time soon.