When it comes to must have items of make up, cosmetic brush sets are usually on the top of most womens shopping list. This is because there's just so many different things that you can do with these wonderful brushes. But with so many different makes and models out their in the marketplace today, which brush sets do I buy. Well this all depends on your budget and your skin type.

The different types of brushes that all good cosmetic brush sets must have

Cosmetic Brush SetsFor perfect make up application, you want to be looking for brushes that are high quality and made from materials that are soft and silky such as badger or goat's hair. Squirrel, raccoon and pony hair is also a very popular material used in make up brushes today. Every good set of brushes should contain soft bristle brushes, because these brushes are excellent for applying wet eyeliner, foundation and concealer. Other brush to look out for is a small angle brow brush, this brush is needed if you are going to color eyebrows perfectly. Other important make up brushes contained in most good cosmetic brush sets are concealer brush, square shadier brush, duo fiber fan brush and the lash groomer and dual brow brush for grooming your eyebrows and lashes.

All good cosmetic brush sets, should also contain a large powder brush made with ultra soft bristles. You will need this type of brush when you are applying sheer face powder to your face. The set should also contain a large contour brush so that you can contour the cheek area, using a professional application of cheek contour. Also needed will be a rectangular shadier brush, so that you can expertly blend and shade eye shadow correctly. Another very important brush that should be contained within the set is a lip brush, so that you can finish off your lips perfectly after using your lip gloss, lipstick and lip conditioner.

Other brush required will be an eyeliner brush, but to get the best make up results from this brush. It must have an extra fine tip and preferably be made from synthetic fiber so that applying eyeliner is quick, easy and precise. Another brush that every good cosmetic brush set should contain is a mascara brush, this brush is a must have item for the separating of lashes and applying mascara.

There are so many different make up applications, that each require a different brush. But every women is different when it comes to applying her make up, and it is highly likely that most women will never use half the brushes contained within most of the cosmetic brush sets that are being sold in the shops today. Some sets can contain up to a whopping 32 different brushes, with each brush designed to do a different make up application.The best tip I can give you is to do your research before you buy, and only buy sets that you think you will get the most use out of. What's the point of wasting your money on brush sets with lots of different make up brushes that you will never use.