Fashion contact lenses are probably one of the easiest and most dramatic ways of changing how you look. Unlike older models, modern colour contact lenses are designed to give a natural change of color for both light and dark eyes. However, even if they are used purely for cosmetic reasons, fashion contact lenses are still something you need to be very careful about as using them incorrectly can cause lots of problems for your eyes.

Visit An Optician For A Prescription

Not everybody's eyes are suitable for contact lenses, and the only person who can tell you what sort of contacts you can use is your optician. An optician will also take measurements from your eyes, so you can order contact lenses that fit the size and curve of your eyes. And most importantly, a trained optician can show you how to put on your contacts, remove them and your contact lenses maintenance routine. A good optician will also show you how to check for signs of trouble, such as signs of an eye infection or a developing dry eye syndrome, and can advise you on often and for how long to wear your contacts. So even if your vision is perfect, don't buy contacts without a prescription!

Do Not Share Contact Lenses

Even if you are dying to know how would your friend's costume contact lenses would look on you, never share contact lenses with anybody else. Sharing contact lenses is a sure way to get an infection, even if you think you cleaned them properly. If you want to see how contacts would look on your eyes you should buy a pair for yourself, or look at other people's pictures. Do not use the same contact lenses container to store your lenses and somebody else's either, as that can be dangerous for the health of your eyes as well.

Do Not Wear Lenses Longer Than Recommended

Contact lenses that have been used for longer than the recommended replacement time are dryer and have a reduced oxygen permeability. This means they will steal moisture from your eyes in order to keep their water content, leading to itchy and dry eyes. Worst case scenario this could develop into a fully fledge dry eye syndrome, which means you'll need to use artificial tears to keep your eyes healthy, and you may not be able to wear contact lenses again for any extended period of time. Side effects can also occur if you sleep with your contacts on, unless they are designed specially for that purpose, such as extended wear contact lenses.

Clean and Store Them Properly

We all know that the last thing you fancy doing after a night of partying is spending a few precious minutes away from your bed cleaning your contacts and storing them properly. However, not doing so means your eyes could be at risk of infections or your lenses may become unusable. Most cosmetic contact lenses can be used for up to three months if you take care of them correctly, which also means you'll need to learn how to remove protein deposits so the lens is as permeable to oxygen as possible. If you know you won't have access to clean water to wash your hands or time to clean your contacts properly it may be worth it investing on disposable contact lenses that can be thrown away after use.