Texas is home to millions of gorgeous Southern women and talented superstars. If you are creative and interested in a career that could get you closer to these southern belles then a career in the hair styling and salon industry may be just the ticket! There are a couple of things to consider when going into this profession. One thing is to decide whether you want to work for a salon or be your own boss. Another consideration is that you will work long hours and be on your feet all day. Being a top stylist can open doors to a celebrity career and the enticement of such a glamorous job may be worth the extra hours on your feet.

Cosmetology school will prepare you for everything you need to know in the rapidly expanding salon industry. You will learn hairstyling, nail technology, coloring techniques and much more. The most important aspect of cosmetology school is that they will prepare you to sit for your state board exams which will enable you to become a professional licensed hair stylist.

What are the Requirements of Cosmetology School in Texas?

The state of Texas requires you to complete 1500 hours in an accredited cosmetology program. These 1500 hours consist of hair cutting (500), hair coloring (200), hair weaving (200), shampooing (100), product chemistry (75), scalp treatments (75), management (75), facial (50), manicure (100), and product information (100). This is a heavy course load but once you have that license framed in your very own salon station it will all be worth it!

What if I Have a Hairstyling License From Another State?

As long as your cosmetology license came from a school with the same or greater requirements as the ones in Texas, you will be able to practice in the state of Texas.

How Much Money Can I Earn in this Profession?

Depending on the area and type of business you are in, the sky's the limit in the salon industry! Of course, salons in busier districts with greater traffic will earn more than salons in small towns. You may or may not earn more money by being in business for yourself rather than renting a station in an established salon. Established salons have regular customers whereas if you open your own salon you will need to build a clientele from scratch as well as being responsible for your own insurance and purchasing all of your own products. These things can be a burden in the beginning but may pay off in the end. Most hairstylists in the state of Texas earn between $16,000 and $35,000 annually.