800 numbers are a small company’s secret weapon when it comes to generating leads and gaining customers. 800 numbers are also known as toll-free numbers and are popular amongst small businesses because they encourage customers to phone them up. With a toll-free number, the person calling does not have to foot the bill, the recipient of the call does. Therefore, a customer ringing a toll-free number is costing the small business money while the customer gets free information. Small businesses accept this expense because it should increase their revenue overall.

Advantages Of 800 Numbers
Every company in North America desperately wants to get one of the 800 numbers which are available. The problem is, very few are on offer because of their advantages. At one time, all 800 numbers were taken but a few companies stopped using them which means there is a constant, small stream of recycled 800 numbers. Other toll-free numbers include 866, 877 and 888 with 855 the new kid on the block. However, customers prefer dialing 800 numbers as these are known to be toll-free. Some of the other numbers are not widely known so people may be hesitant to use them. The only real disadvantage of 800 numbers is if someone calls it as a wrong number. You get no benefit from the call yet it costs you money.

Follow Me
The follow-me toll-number is a great innovation. The name gives away the benefits as a business can take the follow-me number anywhere it goes. If you have a company but are traveling out of town, you can take the follow-me number to your hotel room or mobile phone. In fact, it is possible to switch the follow-me number to any phone, anywhere in the world. This service is available for just $1 a month with a 6.9 cent per minute charge. These rates vary if you go abroad so please bear that in mind.

Unsurprisingly, there are an enormous amount of organizations that deal with 800 numbers. If you can find an available number, all you need to do is sign up, pay the call cost and also a service charge which varies depending on the company. For example, PowerNet Global offers a fairly simple 800 number service which costs 4.5 cent a minute along with a $2.99 monthly service charge.

If you are looking for more options, Kall8 delivers though it will cost you more than basic services. Expect to pay 6.9 cent a minute for Kall8 as well as a $5 monthly service charge and $5 setup charge. Kall8 also have other options such as the Premium package at $25 a month with a $25 setup fee. Certain numbers are extremely expensive such as 1-800-752-6000 which will cost you $488 but cannot be moved to another carrier. International calls obviously cost more but Kall8 charges just 9.9 cent a minute overseas though it has hefty monthly service fees. Small businesses should be aware of surcharges as some companies charge extra per minute depending on where the call is made from. For example, Kall8 charge 71 cent a minute extra for calls from Saipan and 7 cent a minute extra if you receive a call from Alaska or Hawaii.

800 numbers are an essential part of increasing a company’s customer base but you should tread carefully and thoroughly research each organization offering these numbers as well as being on the lookout for extreme extra charges.