Is The Cost Of Porcelain Veneers Worth It?

If you have ever dreamed of having a perfect smile, you may have already considered the cost of porcelain veneers. They certainly can't be cheap, otherwise more people would probably have them. The question is, how much do veneers cost? I have done some research for you, about the cost of dental porcelain veneers. I started researching information about veneer cost about three years ago, when I started considering getting them for myself. My smile isn't bad; I had braces for the majority of my teen years, and despite six years worth of braces, my smile still isn't as perfect as I would like it to be. Many people think that my teeth look great, but we are always our own worst critics. I am intimately familiar with every tiny gap and space that I have in my mouth, and I was under the impression that getting dental porcelain veneers might be the answer. Well, it was and it wasn't.

Yes, it's true; dental veneers can give you a gleaming white, nearly perfect smile. They can be applied to correct crooked teeth (to a degree) and correct gaps or fill in spaces. The question was, what was it going to cost me? Unfortunately, most dental insurance companies do not cover the cost of veneers. Mine certainly didn't, and I knew I would have to pay out of pocket for them, if I decided to get them done. I found out that most places charge per tooth, when pricing veneers. Once place that I went to was charging $400.00 per tooth! Yes, that's right- $400 for just one beautiful veneer! Of course, how many people would go through that expense just for one tooth? Most people would want their entire mouth to be beautiful, right? So multiply here... even if you only wanted the first four teeth on the top and bottom, that's eight teeth. Eight teeth multiplied by $400.00 per tooth equals $3200.00! Of course, if you only got four teeth done on top, and four on the bottom, your smile would probably look unnatural. For this reason, most people who make the splurge on veneers, usually get their entire mouth done.

Just when I recovered from the cost of this particular cosmetic dentist, I got an even bigger shock when I found out that he was one of the least expensive in the area! There were other places that charged $550 and up per tooth! When I found out a little bit more about what was involved in getting dental veneers, I decided to postpone this mission for later on. They have to shave down part of your tooth, in order to make sure that the veneers look natural, and not too bulky. I am very sensitive to pain, and this was a turnoff to me. 

One day, I went into work and a co-worker had just gotten porcelain veneers. Wow! All I could say was wow! She looked so much younger, and her smile was absolutely stunning! It was pearly white, smooth and there were no gaps or spaces. She truly looked gorgeous. The veneers looked so natural, that it was hard to tell that she had anything other than her real teeth! Hmm... on the other hand, maybe a few hundred dollars per tooth isn't so bad after all. I'll have to start researching again, because I would love to have the picture perfect smile that porcelain veneers provide.

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