The cost of mini face lifts aren't quite expensive as full face lifts. Getting a mini face lift is quite similar to regular face lifts, except not as intense of a procedure. Face lifts are a way to reduce the appearance of jowls, loose skin, double chins, and reduce wrinkles. There are good outcomes, and pros to getting mini face lifts, or any other kind of cosmetic surgeries. Then there are some side effects and bad outcomes that can potentially endure during a surgical procedure as well. Any cosmetic procedure will come with risks. However, mini face lifts aren't as risky, but the long-terms effects of a youthful look aren't as effective either. Mini face lift costs are still expensive surgical procedures. The side effects from a mini face lift aren't quite as bad, since very small incisions are made in comparison to full face lifts. Before you decide if the cost of mini face lifts are affordable for you, let's discuss whether or not a mini face lift is right for you.

What is a Mini Face Lift and is it for me?

A mini face lift is basically just like what it sounds, just mini, or small facelift. It's not a full face lift, just a smaller one that focuses on specific areas of the face. Those who are experiencing minor aging effects like jowls, puffy cheeks, or sagging skin on other parts of the face might just require a mini face lift. Smaller incisions are made to the skin. It's not a surgery that's nearly as invasive. It's also known as a weekend face lift, since it can be done over the weekend and you can resume to your regular lifestyle. Recovery time isn't as long and it's a much safer procedure. The surgical procedure used is usually the relatively new endoscopic face lift surgery, which minimizes the chances of scarring. The surgery can remove lines in the face and tighten sagging skin.

Those who are just beginning to experience aging effects can be candidates for a mini face lift. Those who are in their late 20's, or 30's, or 40's who are just experiencing minor aging effects in their face might be qualified. If you need an entire makeover then a mini face lift isn't for you. For deep wrinkles, sagging skin throughout the face, a mini face lift won't do the trick. Deeper incisions will need to be made and the long-term recovery process and side effects are more severe. Since only minor incisions are made at particular parts of the face, it's more of temporary face lift. It might last for a few years or just help delay the aging appearance in your face. A mini face lift can help turn the clock back a few years. It's just a minor surgical procedure to fix minor facial problems. A mini face might not even be required for some people. If you have some minor wrinkles, then a injectable filler like botox might be required instead. A mini face lift is new, and long-term results have yet to been fully tested. You'll need to also apply a healthier lifestyle to help minimize the effects of aging. So a mini face lift shouldn't be seen as an anti-aging cure.

Mini Face Lift Costs

The cost of mini face lifts are cheaper but will still keep you in the thousand dollar price range. The minimum average mini face lift costs are $3,500 dollars, according to The average maximum costs are $6,500, where the average costs are $5,000. That might be one of the negative aspects of getting a mini face lift. Although the costs for mini face lifts are much cheaper than standard ones which can cost up to $15,000, it's still a few thousand dollars just for minor improvements on your face. It might be money well spent, according to how much the minor effects of aging has effected your confidence and appearance. Although $5,000 dollars is still a lot of money for changes that might just last up to 5 years. For example, if you're already 30 years old, then when you're 35 you might be back at square one. The long-term effects aren't proven. Mini face lift costs will be different with each plastic surgeon. Your insurance plan will probably not cover cosmetic surgery like mini face lifts.

Mini Face Lift Side Effects

Not only are the costs of mini face lifts less expensive as a full face lift, the side effects aren't as bad either. You can recover from a mini face lift as little as a couple of days. Where a full face lift might take weeks, or months to fully recover. The incisions made are so small that they're hardly noticeable afterward. There is some recovery time though. You might develop minor bruising and possibly skin infections on rare occasions. Although skin infections are probably very rare since the incisions aren't very deep and the bleeding isn't as excessive. The side effects might include moderate pain and difficulty chewing or talking for a day or two. The heeling process is rather fast and if the mini face lift procedure has gone successfully, then you shouldn't have a long recovery time until you're feeling normal again.