Reasons for Replacing Windows

Why would you want to have your windows replaced? There are many good reasons like installing insulated glazing windows to keep the cold at bay and heating costs down during the winter months. 

It is smarter financially and environmentally to reduce the amount of heat you lose instead of buying a bigger boiler.

Other reason people replace their windows is because they no longer want to maintain wooden window frames that need to be painted every year and you can’t be bothered to take the time, you might want to replace the current ones with a vinyl windows that will not require constant painting.

No matter what your reasons for wanting to know the cost of replacing windows, you already know that this will be a long-term investment and it won't cheap.

Cost to replace windows

Most fairly inexpensive vinyl windows will cost about $200. The more elaborate the design, the more expensive they will be. Size is another important factor that will determine the price of replacing windows. Here are a few examples of windows you can consider:

Century Specialty Wht Vnyl Vent Octagonal Window 21112 for $190 24x24 inches, price $210

Silver Line 2030S29LE 4/4 White Sh Vinyl Window costs $120

CRL Duranodic Bronze 15" x 30" Vertical Sliding Service Windows sells for $300

There are More Expensive Windows too!

Consider, some house windows cost almost $500 if they are large and are popular brands.  This is often the case for windows used in the living room and in some master bedrooms. You also need to consider the price of patio doors or full length windows.

Triple-glazed or argon filled premium replacement windows are often $500 to $1000 per opening, so remember to buy only what you need and can afford, not what is in a glossy catalog.  All new windows will be better than what you already have in your home, if they are properly installed.

Take the advantage of tax incentive, reductions and rebates from state, provincial or federal governments to replace your windows. You can get up to $1,500 in USA.  It's a great way to save money on the cost of home windows, knowing the average replacement can run upwards of $5,000.

Save money on Replacing Windows Cost

If you multiply everything by the number of windows you need to replace, and add installation costs, you will appreciate getting a little help from the government. That said, you will need to make sure the investment follows the guidelines set out by the state authorities in order to qualify for the rebate. What most government are trying to do in stimulate the economy by encouraging households to spend more by making long-term investment that will contribute to efficient energy use.

If you have limited budget, you can change your windows progressively but spending enough each year in order to be able to qualify for green energy tax rebate.  There are many other  tips on how to save on the cost of replacing windows, like ordering standard sizes, standard finishes and hardware, or ordering the same size for your existing openings to lower installation costs.