Costa Rica

Are you tired of working the 9 to 5 rut? Ready to leave your job behind but don't think you can afford your desired lifestyle? Maybe you feel you haven't saved enough cash yet to kiss the rat race good-bye. While maintaining your current lifestyle without a job may seem next to impossible, a Costa Rica retirement could be the solution to your financial dilemma.

Unlike living in many regions of the United States, a Costa Rica retirement can allow you to own a home and enjoy an active life without having to spend a fortune. Food, healthcare, and entertainment are just a few expenses that can be obtained for a fraction of the cost in Costa Rica.

Enjoy a Temperate Costa Rica Climate

Beautiful weather is another benefit of a Costa Rica retirement. The climate consists of a rainy and dry season, both of which provide ample amounts of sunshine. You'll no longer have to trudge through the ice and snow or worry about outrageous utility bills during the winter and summer months. Although the weather varies in different parts of the country, extreme temperatures are a rarity.

Nearly seventy-five percent of Costa Rica's population resides in the Central Valley Region. This area overlaps four of the country's provinces including Heredia, Cartago, San Jose and Alajuela. San Jose is both the capital of Costa Rica and the most heavily populated city. City living provides you with all the amenities of home such as Internet service, shopping, restaurants, and many other forms of entertainment.

Safe Living in Costa Rica

Relocating to a new country can sometimes be intimidating. Most people are understandably concerned about their safety and security. Costa Rica's crime rate consists mainly of theft. There are very few violent acts of crime committed and gun ownership is highly regulated. In Costa Rica, you must be a permanent resident or natural citizen to own or purchase firearms.

Newcomers are often surprised when they learn that Costa Rica does not have their own military. In fact, this peaceful country has been without an army presence since 1948. Though many of Costa Rica's neighboring countries offer a cheaper standard of living, you won't enjoy the security and peace of mind a Costa Rica retirement has to offer.

Residency in Costa Rica

Once you've decided upon a Costa Rica retirement, you'll need to obtain the proper type of residency. Many senior citizens choose to apply for a pensionado. This type of Costa Rica residency is for those who receive a monthly pension or social security check. The current income requirement for a pensionado is $1,000.00 per month. Income requirements for a Costa Rica residency do change periodically, so be sure you have the latest figures before applying. Costa Rica retirees must also spend at least four months per year in the country.

Those that have not yet reached retirement age can apply for a rentista or investor residency application. These types of residency require a larger income or investment but are perfect for younger folks seeking a new lifestyle in Costa Rica. After spending three years in one of these residency statuses, you can then apply for permanent residence in Costa Rica. With all the country has to offer, it's no surprise many foreigners choose to call Costa Rica their home.