Costco Coupons

Costco like Sam's club is one of the largest wholesale grocery and electronics warehouses open to the general public. Mandatory membership fees ensure that prices are the lowest possible resulting in tremendous savings if you are ready to buy in bulk. Like any major retailer, there are many Costco coupons available. Costco Coupons vary from week to week, some of them are printable while others are mail in rebates.

This article will teach you how to take advantage of the Costco Coupons and Costco rebates that are available and how to learn exactly what is on special.

How to Get Costco Coupons?

There are three main ways to get Costco coupons and rebates. I will outline each of them under the headings below.

Printable Costco Coupons

CostcoThe first way to save money at Costco is probably the easiest and allows you to plan ahead. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a printer. Simply head to Costco's website, scroll to the bottom and click on the rebates section. You will then have access to the current list of rebate items listed based on item, and location. If you can't find something you need this week, come back next week to see if anything new has popped up. Also the front page of the Costco web site also lists all the current promotions.

In store Costco Coupons

When you first get to Costco, you have to flash the bouncer at the front door your Costco card. After you've proven that you are a legitimate Costco member you will be given this week's flyer that covers the current Costco Coupons. Take a quick glance over the coupons and compare then to your list.

In store Costco rebates

I've been to a few different Costco's and they all seem to have this area near the back (behind the checkouts) where they have manufacturers rebates. If you walk over you can grab the rebate coupons associated with the products you've purchased. Simply mail this rebate coupon with your Costco receipt/proof of purchase and the manufacturer will send you a check in the mail!