The way you are perceived by others is very important to everyone. That is why people go to great lengths to make sure they are physically appealing. The fashion industry for example is worth billions of dollars. Fashion accessories like costume jewelry pins have been around for ages and play an important part in people’s outward appearance. These pins come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Sometimes they can have sentimental meanings. At other times, they are just a fashion craze. For animal lovers, there are a lot of costume jewelry pins to choose from. Butterfly jewelry pins are popular with adults and children. For dog lovers, there are different styles of dog brooches at your disposable.


Costume Jewelry Pins

It is possible to find intricately designed costume jewelry pins. Some are so detailed that you can only be impressed by their appearance. There are designs with words like “I love my dog”, my cat or monkey. There are others made from solid gold, metal, glass, etc. If you're not into shiny gold brooches you can opt to buy a metal rhinestone pin. It is also possible to choose crystal costume ornament pins – the variety is unbelievable and nowadays they cater for everyone’s taste.

If you want vintage costume jewelry, you can go to eBay or Amazon to see what is available. It is interesting to note that you can buy some of these clothing ornaments for as little as five dollars. If you want something really authentic and rare you must be willing to pay over $100 for the pleasure. Some of the more expensive clothing jewelry pins will cost over $200. For example the club packs of sparkling dog bone jewelry pins cost over $250 at There are designer costume jewelry pins that will cost the average person a fortune.


Jewelry for You: Be Selective with your Jewelry Pins

You need to be judicious in your use of animal clothing ornaments. The fact that you like your dog so much doesn't mean that everyone will find that appealing. You also don't want to spend a lot of money just because you can't get enough of anything to do with dogs. That said, if the costume jewelry pin is chosen wisely and combined with other clothing accessories, it can actually be pleasing to the eyes. You must be selective with your jewelry as it could be an investment in the future and there is always the possibility of making  some money out of it.


Jewelry Business Idea

Some people might want to start a business reselling fashion jewelry pins or brooches. There are places where you can buy cheap jewelry is at wholesale prices. It doesn't mean that you will become rich because the profit margin from these items is very low. You also need to know that fashion jewelry pins are only popular with a certain age group. If you are only targeting that group, you might actually make some sale. Selling anything on the Internet isn't as easy as most people will think and the same goes for selling costume jewelry pins for dogs.


Best Place to Buy Jewelry

Amazon is probably the best place where you can buy any product, especially jewellery as you will know for sure that the quality is outstanding; the review customer section is also ideal to make sure you know exactly what you are buying: the comments are written by other customers who have bought the same product – make sure you read them carefully and it will pay off.  Another place where you could buy cheap jewellery is Garage sales – many people don’t realize how valuable some of their possessions are, you might be lucky enough to find a treasure that will help you kick off your jewellery business.