2011 Party Ideas

Party Ideas for New Years Celebrations

Costume Party Ideas for 2011

Everyone rings in the New Year a little bit different. Some people like to sit at home with their thoughts on the previous 12 months and others like to go out and dance the night away. Whether you go out or stay in you can share the day and night with friends. If you want to do something different for the new year then try having a 2011 New Year's Eve costume party. Of course, it goes better when you're with like-minded friends, and it doesn't need to be a requirement to dress up. No matter what you decide, a safe party is the best party idea. These party ideas are good for New Year's party celebrations, birthday parties, and can be used other times of the year when you want to get together with friends.

New Year's Eve Party Celebrations: Costume Party Ideas

Ugly Sweater Party

The name says it all. Instead of worrying about wearing the best New Year's Eve dress, the nicest outfit, paying money for the new digs, save that Christmas cash and throw an Ugly Sweater party for New Year's Eve. If you are the host of this fun New Year's Eve party, get prizes for the ugliest sweater. Adding the incentive of prizes always seems to bring out the competition in others. Competition at this house party ought to mean ugly sweaters everywhere.

New Year's Party Themed Ideas:

Lady Gaga Costume

If you are throwing a New Year's Eve party and you're a Lady Gaga fan then have a music-themed party. Costume parties can take the strain off of those who are worried about dress on the new year. Having a costume party celebration for New Year's, similar to a Halloween party, can be lots of fun. Lady Gaga costumes are easy to make. If you not her fan then use some other musician or celebrity party theme, one that your friends either love or hate. Switch up the party themes and just have fun. New Year's Even parties can be anything you want. Make up your party theme, tell your friends, and come up with awards for best costume. Lady Gaga outfits are easy. If you are looking for New Year's Eve games then make them up around the music. You can listen to music, play charades, create a trivia game. Although there are lots of adults who like Lady Gaga, this is a great teen party idea for New Year's Eve 2011. Make them non-alcoholic drinks and dance and laugh into the New Year.

Sons of Anarchy DVD Party

Another way to spend New Year's Eve or New Year's day is to have a Sons of Anarchy DVD party. Ring in the new year with SAMCRO. Season 3 is over and all the Sons of Anarchy episodes are available. Create a SAMCRO New Year's party theme around the show. Although there isn't an SOA board game or anything there are plenty of SOA fans who know show details. Make it a costume party where all your friends get together dressed as bikers or characters from the show. Harley-Davidson shirts are comfortable and there is no other way to celebrate the opportunities that the new year brings than being surrounded by good friends and fun. Have an extra long viewing party and hit all the seasons or do it randomly. Write out SOA seasons and the episode number, or name if you're really that good of a fan, and pull numbers out of an SOA Reaper Crew beanie to decide which episodes you will watch. If you want to go all out then you can buy Sons of Anarchy merchandise and give out prizes for the best dressed, the hottest Gemma Teller or Old Lady, and the best Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) or worst dressed Tig or other character. You can buy prizes, like Sons of Anarchy shirts, and give them out to the best dressed. Just have fun.

UFC 125 Viewing Party

If you don't like these New Year's Eve costum e party ideas then come up with your own. Think about the show that you and your friends talk about and watch together. When Seinfeld and Friends were on there were weekly viewing parties. Make a 2011 party celebration around something that you all like. If you are all Mixed Martial Arts fans then make a party celebration around it. Watch all of the UFC 125 weigh ins and pre-show, watch past UFC fights like UFC 124 St. Pierre vs Koscheck. These are available through Comcast Pay Per View and through the Roku box, an amazing box that streams Netflix and has its own UFC channel. Save the actual party until January 1 and watch UFC 125 together without being hungover. Now, that sounds fun.

Last Minute New Year's Eve Party Tips

The heart of having a New Year's Eve party celebration should not be about getting how much you can drink. If you are having alcohol at the 2011 party then make it a safe drinking and driving party by getting a portable breathalyzer test. There are more accidents on New Year's Eve than any other night of the year. Alcohol and stupidity are the culprits, so if you are going to host a 2011 New Year's party celebration then do it with 2010 technology. As a host of a New Year's Eve party make it safe. Take keys when guests arrive and do not give them back unless your friends can pass the portable breathalyzer test. Make sure that this is a pre-arranged idea so you don't catch your friends off guard otherwise they're more likely to resist it, especially if they're drunk.

Ring in the new year safe and in the company of those who will help you achieve the optimum you in the upcoming year. Some folks don't like making New Year's resolutions, but go around the room and ask one thing that they want to do differently in 2011. It can be anything and doesn't have to be some deep and profound resolution. Just the idea of sharing the ways you want to change in the next year can help motivate others. Have a happy and safe 2011 party.