The Story Behind The Company

Cotterman Ladders has been in business since 1925. It began life as a family-run business in Chicago. The company headquarters were moved to Michigan when Cotterman was sold to another corporation. They now own three other facilities throughout the US so that they can keep their product manufacturing close to their customers.

With manufacturing facilities in California, Georgia, Texas and Michigan, their products are American made. This allows products to be delivered more quickly, reduces environmental costs of delivery and reduces the odds of goods being damaged in transit. The reputation of this company has been built on solid, reliable and safe products of the highest quality.

Cotterman Ladders

Cotterman ladders can be ordered in as many as ten different colors. While gray is the default color, there is no additional cost for any of the other colors. Customers can expect their orders to take about 10 working days. Rush orders are possible, for an extra cost. Manufacturing leadtimes may be brought down to twenty four hours, based on the product and individual situation.

Cotterman ladders have always been built better than their competition. Since 2010, their ladders have featured grade five fasteners, even though the industry standard is grade two. More recently, they upgraded the load capacity of several of their most popular products. These are just two examples of their ongoing commitment to manufacturing the highest quality ladders in the industry.

Cotterman Rolling Ladders

Rolling ladders were one of Cotterman's very first products. From many years of industry experience grew expertise that led to the development and patent in 1992 of their exclusive tilt-n-roll design. Rolling ladders are very popular since the can be easily and safely moved. They also have a second tilt-n-roll design which allows the ladder to straddle obstacles. There are many work situations where this functionality is necessary.

Cotterman Library Ladders

Wooden track ladders were the very first product of the company back in 1925. Most people are familiar with these as library ladders. Cotterman still manufactures track ladders in different finishes, the most popular being oak. The warm furniture grade appearance of wood construction makes these especially popular in homes and some retail environments. Customers can order these with handrails and/or Walnut finish for an additional charge. It is also possible to order custom tracks.

Cotterman Work Platforms

Cotterman makes other products beside ladders as well. Rolling work platforms are another of their popular products. One style has step access from both sides and the other style has steps on one side only. Handrails are required on all platforms with five steps or more. On any other platforms the handrails are optional. They also offer a line of push around lifts known as the Maxi Lift. Stockmaster is an accessory available for a forklift. And Workmaster is an accessory for lift trucks.

Other Cotterman Products

Some other related products produced by Cotterman include caged ladders, fixed ladders and standoff platforms. Fixed ladders are available in stainless steel, powder coated, or hot dipped galvanized. Also available is a modular option. Besides the wooden library ladder, Cotterman also makes single track, dual track and dual side track industrial ladders. Two step and four step office ladders are available with different hand rail configurations. Of course, they offer replacement parts for their entire line of products.